Chapter 2- We cant stay

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Katies POV

I opened my eyes to see one person.


I quickly got off of him and stood to my feet. "What's wrong? You act like you seen a walker," Carl teased, "No, I just don't like you" I spat at him. I left him with a confused look on his face, "Hey gurrlllll" Michonne said playfully. "Heyyyyya" I said with more cheerfulness in my voice, "What do we have to eat?" I asked with hope in my eyes. "Well we have dried Captain Crunch" Michonne replied holding the box up, well its better than tuna. I gladly excepted the box and ate the cereal, soon Rick and Carl came in and I suddenly felt uncomfortable. I quickly got up and grabbed my bag heading for the bathroom, "where are you going?" Michonne said sounding a bit motherly. "Well I am changing if you must know MOM" I told her emphasizing the mom, she lightly chuckled and shook her head. I headed down the hall to the bathroom and then shut and locked the door, I then changed into my black Hollister shirt and a pair of my Hollister blue jeans and then threw my hair up in a ponytail. I was about to leave when I heard something in the shower, I turned to see a shadow. I don't know how I missed it but I did and now a was super scared. I quickly rose my gun and pulled the curtain back only to have a walker fall on me. I dropped my gun when I fell and now I was trying to keep myself from being eaten. My heart raced with terror, my hands sweat from the nervousness. I could only do one thing.


"AHHHHH! HELP SOMEONE HELP ME! PLEASEE HELP!" I screamed out, I heard footsteps coming closer and the door knob jiggling. "Katie open the door!" Michonne yelled, "don't you know I would if I could!?" I yelled back. I thought I was gonna die right there, then the door burst open and Carl shot the walker. I burst into tears hugging Michonne and crying on her shoulder, "We cant stay here, we have to get to the sanctuary." Rick said to us all. "So we're just leaving?"  Carl asked madly, he looked pretty mad too. "Dad what about everybody else!? Judith can still be alive!" Carl yelled to his dad, "Carl that's enough! We cant keep living in the past" Rick simply answered.

We packed everything up and left, Rick was leading the way of course. I walked beside Michonne and Carl was walking last, I felt a little bad for him. I wonder if Judith was his girlfriend, wait what am I saying? I don't care if he had a girlfriend, but he did get hot. WHAT NO! I cant say that Carl bullied me, I hate him. I looked back to see Carl a little upset, so I turned around and walked towards him. Wait no turn around, oh too late. "Hey" I simply said He didn't look at me but he answered "Hi" we stayed silent until he broke it, "I thought you didn't like me" he questioned me. "Yeah I don't like you, but I'm willing to give you a second chance." I simply said, "Wait second chance? What did I do to blow the first chance?" He questioned. I sighed and shook my head "do you really want to know?" I asked him, he didn't say anything he just nodded. "Okay before all this happened we were in a class together, Everyday when I came to school you picked on me and tortured me. You told me I had no friends, and that I was ugly. You continued to hurt me, until the apocalypse." He didn't say a word, he walked in silence  and in shock.  "I-I'm so sorry Katie I had no idea...I'm so sorry, you must hate me." he said shaking his head, "well I did hate you, but like I said I'm willing to give you a second chance.: Carl smiled widely and then hugged me tightly. "Umm Katie?" Carl asked nervously, "Yes Carl?" I asked. "Would you like to know who Judith is?" I nodded in response, he sighed and came out with " She was my baby sister, literally she was a baby, My mom died giving birth to Judith so I had to kill her. We lived in a prison until someone called the governor blew it to pieces, while we were fighting Judith was in her carryon and when we came to get her- the-the w-walkers got her. There wasn't anything in the carryon except blood." Carl was now crying I rubbed his back to calm him down then Rick announced something we thought we'd never hear "We made it, we're at the sanctuary." Carl and I looked up to see that we were, we stepped in to see lots of people old and young. We were welcomed by a man in his thirties, "Hi I'm George and I'm glad to see other survivors, pick witch tent yo want and go have fun around the camp. "  We picked our tent and I headed out to look around. I came across a old woman, two little girls, a dark skinned man, and a baby. "Hello" I said happily the womans head looked to me "oh hello" she sounded exhausted, "My names Katie, I just arrived with a small group. How are you mam?" she smiled sweetly and responded, "Hello my names Carol, that's tyreese, lizzie, Mika, and this is Judith. We're survivors from a prison blow up." My eyes widened when I heard the name Judith, I just had to know. "Um is Judith's last name Grimes?" I asked with hope in my voice, "Well yes, how did you know?" my heart skipped a beat when she said that. "I'm here with Rick, Carl and Michonne." Carol smiled widely and said "lets go see them." I nodded and when we got to the tent I thought of something. "Hey how about we surprise them with Judith? Carl was talking about her before we got here, and he seemed so sad because he thought she was dead." Carol nodded and handed me Judith then walked in with everyone else. I could hear them talking and crying when they saw each other, " Wait I have a surprise for you and Carl" Carol said to Rick. That's when I stepped in, Carls and Ricks eyes widened. Soon Carl came toward me and Judith crying with joy to see his baby sister, "c-can I hold her?" Carl asked me. "Well of course, she's your sister" I told him. "How did you guys know we were here?" Rick asked Carol, "Well Katie came by and met us then told us you were here." Rick and Carl looked to me and smiled. "I love you." Was all Carl said to me.

Finally they were reunited! Carl was so happy! we will see what happens tomorrow! Hopefully the rest of the gang shows up. But you'll have to wait and see what happens!

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