Chapter 37- Assholes

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Katies pov

I watched in disgust as Carl walked over to Taylor, she's such an asshole. Why would he like her? She doesn't even know how to defend herself! He should know that, after all we did go to school together. I can't believe you find someone from school and then poof! You're not important anymore. But you know what, Fuck Taylor and Fuck Carl. Oh and incase you're confused as hell, lets go down memory lane.

****After killing The Governor****

After everyone said hello, we were just relaxing. But sadly that didn't last long, because Rick suggested we look around to see what they had. We were all walking around the building when the group spotted their weapons,

"My crossbow!" Daryl yelled rushing over to it. He held it like it was his baby, well I mean it is but you get my drift. Once everyone collected their weapons, we walked around some more finding people in another train cart. One by one they came out thanking us, then I seen someone I thought I'd never see again. But sadly I was wrong,

"Oh my god! Katie!" She said pulling me into a hug.

"Hi Taylor." I said bluntly, she smiled a fake smile then turned to see Carl.

"Carl!!" Taylor yelled grabbing Carl and hugging him too, god I don't like her.

"Oh um hi Taylor" Carl said nervously, why the hell is he nervous? Does he like her?

"well now that we all are caught up with eachother why don't we sit down and get to know everyone." Rick suggested.

As we all walked back I could see Taylor making googly eyes at my Carl. When we reached the tables I was immediately pulled into a conversation by a blonde girl,

"Hi my names Sarah" She greeted with a smile.

"Hi sarah, I'm Katie." I said smiling a little,

"So how long have you been with the group?" she asked.

"Um, a while I guess." I told her shrugging. As she began rambling on about some pointless shit I realised Carl was nowhere to be found, and neither was Taylor. Well motherfucker! I quickly excused myself from mine and Sarah's conversation and went looking for them.

When I turned the corner there they were, kissing.

That Bastard.

I felt tears gather in my eyes and slowly make their way down my cheeks.

"You bastard!" I screamed throwing a vase their way but missing both of them. As soon as I yelled they parted ways. Carl looked shocked, uh caught in action asshole. As soon as Carl stepped forward I ran out of the room, I was nearly to the tables when Carl yelled "Stop Katie!"

When I turned around I yelled at the top of my lungs,


"No I didn't she kissed me!" Carl yelled.

"Did you kiss back?" I asked bluntly, Carl stood there looking shocked for a moment.

"W-what?" he stuttered,

"Did you kiss her back?" I asked again this time my voice cracking.

"O-only for a second I swear!" He cried out. I chuckled, what the fuck? I feel so betrayed!

"We're done." I stated turning around only to see everyone staring at us,

"no no no no no! Katie please! I love you!" Carl pleaded. He ran over and grabbed my arm,

"Don't touch me, Carl." I warned.

"Please Katie! Please!" He pleaded not letting my arm go, He kept pleading and saying 'I love you'  Then I felt even more rage build up, and I turned around and punched him in the nose. He let go of my arm and grabbed his nose as he fell to the ground,

"Fuck you, Carl Grimes. I hate you, again." I said then walked off. And close behind was Daryl.

"What the hell happened?" Daryl aaked when we got to a train cart,

"Carl cheated on me with Taylor." I mumbled feeling pain in my chest. Daryl sighed then rapped an arm around me,

"Boys are just assholes. You don't need him anyways." Daryl said giving me a squeeze. I shrugged my shoulders in reasponse, "I feel like shit now. That just broke my heart seeing him kissing her." I said wiping a few tears away.

"I know it hurts, but it gets better." he assured me, I nodded and then sniffled.

"Do I need to break out my shotgun?" He asked suddenly, making me laugh in reasponse. I turned my head to see him smiling at me, then i leaned my head on his shoulder. "Thanks uncle Daryl, Love you." I said befoe drifting off to sleep.

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