Chapter 77

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Scott's POV:

I wake up late in the afternoon to Avriel shaking my shoulders violently. 

"Bro, what the fuck?!" He shouts loudly. "Wake up!"

My head spins from all of the alcohol I consumed the night before. 

"Avi, shut the fuck up and grab me an advil before I puke all over you."

He backs off. "Sorry bro, I just need you to wake up and see what's on the tv."

I groan. "Nooo, my head hurts and I need water."

He sighs, impatiently tapping his foot. "I'll get you some water if you just get up and turn on the tv. Trust me, you're gonna wanna see this. It's about Mitch."

I immediately sit up, my headache suddenly an afterthought as I hop out of my bed in search for my television remote. 

I find it on the floor in front of my dresser and turn on the tv that hung in front of my bed. 

"TMZ?" I ask, already knowing the answer. 

Avi nods.

I flip through the channels, my hands shaking, as I search for TMZ. 

I just hoped Mitch wasn't hurt. 

"Scott..." Avi warns. "Don't do anything stupid once you see the story, it's not-"

"-Is he okay?" I interrupt.

"Physically, yes. But mentally? Hmm... knowing Mitch, probably not. 

"What channel is TMZ?!" I shout impatiently.

"I don't know, just keep searching before the story ends."

When I finally land on the channel, my heart sinks deep into my chest when my eyes land on the headline.

"CLambert Fashion Model Mitch Grassi's Nudes Leaked"

I stare blankly at the news reporters face as Avi reaches over to take the remote and turn up the volume.

"The model's intimate bedroom photos were sold to a website, which we will not be naming, by an unknown source. The photos were sold for what is being described as a "large amount" of cash. Grassi has yet to comment but his team earlier released a statement and sources say he is "distraught" and "working with his team to get the photos taken down." Another source, an apparent family member of Grassi's, describes the photos as a violation of Grassi's privacy and body. Grassi's team also advised in their statement that people not search for the photos, and respect Grassi's privacy. They also warn the distributor of the photos that legal action would be taken if the photos are not removed immediately. More to follow on this story, let's take it back to Jeff."

I quickly put on my shoes and grab my wallet and keys, Avi now sitting on my bed just watching me as I frantically get ready. 

"Be careful, Scott. Don't speed." Avi says, knowing exactly where I was about to go.

I nod at him before making my way out of the bedroom door and to my car.


Once I'm finally past the security gate and swarm of paparazzi, news reporters and journalists surounding Mitch's new Beverly Hills home, I take the back entrance. His manager, Jordan, let's me in. She has beautiful dark hair, strong yet soft features, and a friendly glow. "Thank you for coming, Scott." She said. "It was thoughtful of you, but I'm not sure if Mitch wants any guests right now. He's going through a lot and taking it not-so-well." 

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