Chapter 59

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I took Scott out to dinner and payed for everything, feeling accomplished with myself as I drove him back home.

 "Wow, you really know how to treat a lady." Scott joked as I opened his car door for him. "Chivalry isn't dead afterall."

I roll my eyes. "Don't get used to it."

"Hey! That's rude."

I giggle. "I'm just kidding. You know you deserve tonight, hun."

"Thank you." He says softly. He sounded so vulnerable and pure, like his tough-guy facade was completely gone.

I close his door and get in the car on my side. I had just gotten my permit and Scott let me drive his car around for our date.

I was nervous about backing out of the parking spot at the restaurant so Scott helped guide me through the process. 

The drive was short and when we arrived and parked at my house Scott placed a hand on my knee from the passengers seat where he was sitting as I shut the car down. 

"What's up?" I asked.

"I just want to kiss you one last time before we go into your house and I have to sleep in a separate room from you because your parents are so strict." Scott whined.

"Just be happy that they're letting you sleep over."

"Kiss me." Scott ordered gentle. 

I leaned over and we shared a little kiss. "Thank you for tonight, by the way. It was really sweet of you to take me out and make me feel special." Scott said.

"You're welcome. I would do anything for you." I said softly, my heart racing.

Now was the time. Just tell him, Mitch. Tell him how you really feel. 

Scott grinned. "I love you, Mitchy." 

Say it back, Mitch. I had been convinving myself for weeks that if I tell Scott I love him it would somehow curse our relationship because it's just such a cliche thing to say. I was scared of admiting it because then it would mean I was commited to him. 

But if I just say it everything will be okay. 

But you're fifteen years old Mitch, you don't know what love is.

 But you know how you feel about Scott, so just say it. You've never been more sure of anything in your life than how you feel about him. 

Well, here goes nothing. "Scott, I-"


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