Chapter 7

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The next day I was less nervous than the day prior. Yesterday after class Kirstie showed me to the cafeteria where I got to see some of my old friends from CATS that I've missed a lot. Naomi and Kate sat with us at lunch and I saw Jake briefly before I left. I met one of Kirstie's friends, Nicole, who had pretty red hair and awesome piercings. I was jealous of her nose ring because I had always wanted one. She was very friendly and talkative towards me which I appreciated with my antsy self.

Today in choir before starting vocal-range tests, Mrs. Clark took time to discuss her "Weekly Assignments" with us.

"So these assignments only apply to freshmen and their Mentors. Every freshman will get a mentor who will help guide them through the year and use their experience to further develop the advancement of those less experienced. I will assign the top 6 returners from last year a freshman since we have 6 freshmen this year. Now these assignments are weekly, meaning each week will bring a new task for you and your mentor to complete. Sometimes the tasks will be big, sometimes they will be small. But you have to work together." People began whispering around me but I tried to stay tuned-in. "The goal for this week is for mentors to help their freshmen put together a choir folder including our year-long schedule with the talent showcase dinner fundraiser we hold every spring. This is a group project that you and your mentor will have to do together, so mentors will plan accordingly."

This was a lot of information. I turned to Alex. "Lucky. You're not a freshman so you don't have to get a mentor."

"I know. Sorry you have to get one though. I'm sure you sing better than any returner here though, so... I don't see the point in you needing one."

I blushed at that. "Oh, you didn't have to say that. Thank you."

"Yes I did." He smiled.

One of the freshmen girls raised their hand.

"Yes, Lauren?" Mrs. C asked.

"When will we find out who our mentors are?" Lauren asked.

"I will assign mentors with the last few minutes of class and they will greet you by the end of the school-day."

A couple people nodded.

Kirstie suddenly turned to me and Alex. "I hope my mentor is a cute boy!"


After Kirstie  and Alex walked me to the cafeteria, Alex went to sit with some of his other friends while Kirst decided to ditch her other friends and sit with only me so we could discuss our thoughts on choir.

"You and Alex were right, everyone seems so nice. I really feel like I'm going to like it a lot. I just pray Mike doesn't find out it's show choir."

"Do you really think that's avoidable? What if he wants to watch you at the festival?"

I suddenly felt uneasy, as though I was being watched.

"I don't know Kirst, thinking about it is giving me anxiety. Mom has been helpful though."

"That's good. Just live in the moment and don't worry. Everything will work itself out."

I nodded in agreement and picked at my pasta salad. Cafeteria food really is as bad as the movies depict.

"Not a fan of the food? You're such a picky eater! You'll get used to it though. It's always like this in public schools. You've gotta go to the private schools for the fancy stuff according to my cousin"

I glanced around the cafeteria.

"It tastes alright, I just don't really eat when I'm nervous."

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