Chapter 6

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*It's about to get exciting! + LONG chapter! Enjoy :)

The day has finally come. Monday morning... My first day of school. I'm still not sure how to feel. Excited... Nervous... Anxious. We'll go with anxious because the word could be interpreted either way.

I got ready (taking longer than usual for obvious reason) before heading downstairs to breakfast. It smelled like mom made quiche, which is my favorite food. This was going to be a great day I hoped.

"Do I smell quiche?!" I exclaimed as I bolted down the stairs, frightening mom a bit.

"Morning sweetie. It's gluten free! Dig in, I'm heading downtown today for that job interview and I should be home by the time you're back from choir."

"Have I ever told you your the best mother ever?"

"I actually don't think you have, thank you! I really try." She gave me a tight hug. "Have a good day now. And try to cooperate with your father please."

"Yes, mother."


I texted Kirstie before leaving the house and when she didn't respond right away I texted Alex instead. I was antsy and being on my phone made the car ride with dad less awkward since we didn't have much in common to converse about.

Upon arrival I hopped out of the car soon as dad unlocked the doors and said a quick goodbye before he was on his way. It was nice of him to take time off of his lunch break to take me to school. This way I didn't have to bike there although it wasn't too far from where I lived. I made my way towards the school and realized I had nervous butterflies in my stomach. Why? I shouldn't be nervous. It's just choir and Alex had already texted me reassuringly.

I checked my watch. 11:27. I was going to be late if I didn't find the choir room quickly.

I walked through the back entrance of the school where dad dropped me off and searched for the nearest directory. Do schools have directories? I sighed in frustration just as...


My savior. "Thank goodness, Alex." I threw myself into his arms. "I was about to have a mini panic attack."

"Woah, deep breath in Mitchoo." I obliged. "Now out."

I honestly did feel calmer.

"Now come on or we'll be late! Kirst is so excited to see you!" He dragged me by the arm down the hall through a little corner to what I would find out is the chorus room.

It was just a boring average wooden door with the writing *Mrs. C, choir.*

"Mitch, you need to relax. You're quiet and when you're quiet that means you're nervous. You shouldn't be nervous around me, right?"

"I know. This is just new to me."

"I'm going to open the door now. Hold my hand."

I clutched tight and we stepped in.

It was just as I imagined, if not better than I imagined. About 20 chairs sat on black risers, a dramatic contrast to the blank white walls. It looked very clean and new. And then there was the center of attention. A grand Yamaha piano in the middle of the room, right down the center of the chairs and right behind what I assumed was Mrs. C's podium for conducting. On either side of the risers sat a big mic stand. Just as I let my surrounding set in, the bell ring.

All of the students began to pile into the classroom and who I assumed was Mrs. C stepped out of her officer that's was attached to the room. Alex tugged on my sleeve and led to to a chair in the front row and a bit off center. He sat to my left and soon Kirstie was seated at my right.

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