Chapter 39

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Mitch texted me the next morning as I was getting ready for school to inform me that his parents still weren't going to let him go back to choir, and to be honest, I wasn't as upset as a good friend should have been.

Maybe I was being selfish because I knew if Mitch couldn't go to choir today he wouldn't be able to record with Avi after school. My overprotective side was actually quite happy.

I sent back a generic "I'm so sorry it's not going to work out" text before heading off to Martin High.

I actually had a pretty good day and didn't feel distracted during any of my classes. I even found myself taking notes for an upcoming assignment and putting dates in my calendar.

Choir was weird though. Ms. C seemed stressed and I was 98% sure it had everything to do with Mitch being pulled out of her class. Alex and Kirstin looked devastated and I caught Kirstie glaring at me a couple times.

She was still pissed at me for "getting Mitch grounded" and I had to figure out a way to make it up to her. After all, Mitch would never want to date me if I couldn't get along with his best friend.

After the final bell rang I quickly gathered up my things before going to find Esther. 

I ended up waiting outside her 6th period classroom for five minutes before getting impatient and going inside. To my luck she wasn't there so I tried texting, and then calling, and then before I knew it I was searching the whole school. 

I finally remembered to see if she was waiting for me at her locker.

I made my way over to her locker, and she was there alright.

I find her pinned up against her locker by some kid I didn't recognize, probably a freshman, sophomore at most. 

"Fuck off!" I growl angrily, ripping the guy with his tongue down my sisters throat off of her.

Esther quickly wipes her mouth. "Scotty, wait! Stop!" And then she's using all of her strength to hold me back as my fist is up in the air to swing at whoever this kid was. "Please stop! He's my boyfriend, Scott!"

I pause and stare at Esther in disbelief. She never told me she had a boyfriend.

I grab her wrist gently. "Come on, we'll discuss this later." 


I don't talk to Esther as I drive home and ignore all of her apologies. I'm not upset that she's dating, but I am upset that she didn't tell me. I needed to wait until I was with Avi to speak to her about it.

As I approached and parked in our driveway she attempts to break the silence again with a sigh. "Please just don't tell mom and dad, okay? You can tell Avi if you want to because-"

"-How long?" I interrupt quietly. 


"How fucking long, Esther!" I shout, slamming a fist onto the steering wheel of the cat Avi gave me. "How long have you been exchanging saliva with that scrawny motherf-"

"-Oh my God, stop it. You're being so overprotective... and Darien is not scrawny. It's only been like a month and he really makes me happy, so you need to chill."

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