Chapter 75

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I don't talk to Scott for what seems like the whole night and for some reason I feel really disappointed. I mean, I knew we probably wouldn't have an easy-flowing conversation, but I was at least hoping to ask him how he'd been. 

We didn't exactly end on good terms, but it wasn't so bad either. After he told me he loved me, I just told him the truth; that I wasn't ready for a relationship and we should just remain friends. 

He took it like a man, but I knew inside he was really hurting. He let himself be vulnerable and I turned him down, which he probably wasn't expecting because granted, I had been giving him mixed signals the whole time I stayed at his place. But what was I supposed to do? I was obviously still attracted to him and what we had back in high school was so amazing and special.

So now here I was dancing with somebody else (a very, very handsom somebody else) yet I couldn't keep my eyes off Scott, who was talking to Kevin as they sat by the bar. 

I try to distract myself from him. "So, what do you do?" I ask Beau.

"I'm a designer. I worked with Candice for a while as a model, but it wasn't my true passion. It did give me really great experiences though and I actually got to learn a lot about design, obviously. It was the best thing that's ever happened to me." He responds before giving me a twirl.

I giggle as I watch him dance. "Yeah, that's really awesome. You're going to start your own business, then?"

"That's the plan. I just need to find some inverstors that really believe in me and see my vision. It's been difficult, though."

"That blows... But, I think you'll find what you're looking for. What are you working on until your whole design vision comes to life?" 

"You've asked me so many questions." He chuckles, letting go of me as we stop dancing. "I hope you find what you're looking for, too."

"Pardon?" I ask. 

"I mean, you've been staring over at Scott Hoying the whole time we've been dancing together. So, I just hope that you find what you're looking for."

Holy shit, was I really that obvious?! 

"Oh, no. I-" 

"-It's okay, Mitch. You don't have to pretend that you're into me. I have only known you for like half an hour and I already know that you deserve the absolute best. Just don't settle for anybody that treats you any less than a queen."

My face was heating up. "I-I-I'm so sorry, Beau. I didn't think it was that obvious. But, we're just friends though, I swear. I'm only looking at him so much because we're kind of at an awkward place in our relationship right now and I don't know whether he wants to be my friend still or not." 

Beau chews on the side of his lip. "That sounds like a tricky situation. You should go talk to him."

"I'll come find you later, okay?" I nod. 

"I'll be here." He grins.


I approach Kevin and Scott confidently. "Hey boys." I grin.

My "confident" act immediately begins to faulter when Scott notices me. 

"Mitch!" He exclaims, standing up and engulfing me in a hug. "I've missed you." He tells me quietly enough so that no one else would hear.

"It's good to see you." I respond, patting his back a little before breaking away from his embrace. 

"Oh, I've gotta go find Candice. Be right back." Kevin lies, quickly hopping out of his seat and leaving us two to talk.

I roll my eyes and Scott chuckles. "Sure, he's gotta find Candice." he smirks.

"I know, right?"

We both laugh and I feel so genuinely happy seeing him smile.

"So, how have you been? You're finally all moved in!"

And he seems so happy for me which is really sweet; knowing that he still cares about me after all this time and after everything. 

"I'm great, Scott. Really. I'm excited to be here and soon I'll be getting my own place which will be so nice. I don't know how I'm going to deal with the new baby once Candice pops."

"Oh yeah, when is she due?"

"Like, anytime now. 7 weeks, I think."

Scott's face and tone suddenly get serious. "You know you're always welcome at my home if you ever need anything or a place to crash for a bit, Mitch. And I mean that. I don't care about any like... I- I don't care about the elephant in the room."

He must be talking about how we left things last time. 

"I know." I say sincerely. "You'll always be there for me. Thank you..."

"Damn right." He grins. "Now, are you gonna ask me how I've been?"

Oh, shit. I instantly go red and begin apologizing. "Oh jeez, sorry. Yeah. It's just been such a long night and I'm anxious and-"

"-I'm KIDDING! Chill out." Scott says, shocked. "Damn, you're really on edge. You need a drink." He signals to the bartender that Candice and Kevin had hired for the night to serve everyone free alcohol. 

"I can't help it since Candice decided to invite all these damn people." I mumble.

"Hey, don't be a party pooper. All of these people are here for you." Scott reminds me as he hands the bartender some cash.

"You don't have to pay, it's an open bar." I tell him.

"I know." he shrugs. "But, he's been killing it all night and deserves a tip."

I couldn't tell if Scott had just gotten so much more generous since high school or if he was trying to show off in front of everyone at the party. He wasn't ever one to show off though, so I assume he's just grown and matured more. 

"That's... nice of you." I say cautiously.

"Oh, by the way. You and Beau, huh?" Scott smirks.

"What?" I ask quickly. 

He just laughs. "My stylist, Beau. I see you two are friendly. You still go for tall boys, then?" 

I blush for the umpteenth time. "Stoooop."

Scott shrugs. "I say go for it. He's cute, and really kind. I think you'd really like him."

Well, this just got awkward. My ex-boyfriend telling me to "go for" his employee. 

"He works for you?" I question.

"He's been one of my personal stylists ever since I came out to LA. He's a self-owned business though, so he doesn't necessarily work for me. He makes me look good, I give him shout-outs on instagram. We're business partners in way." 

Well, there goes that. No way would I be fucking Scott's "business partner" any time soon. 

Plus, I was meant to meet up with Kyle next weekend anyway so it didn't really matter. Although I wasn't sure if when he messaged "let's meet up" he meant hang out, or hook up. 

"How's Kyle?" I ask, part of me genuinely curious and the other part wanting Scott to stop teasing me over Beau. 

The shit-eating grin on Scott's face disappears. "Oh, he's cool. Why?"

"I'm meeting up with him next weekend. It's been a while since we talked, though."

He looks at me dead in the eyes for a second. "Are you, now?"

I nod slightly as the bartender sets two shots down in front of us. 

3 shots later and Scott and I are reminiscing over choir, talking about our recent bad dating experiences and laughing at all of the drunk dancing that was going on around us. 

It wasn't until I was showering for bed at the end of the night that I realized I had forgotten to go find Beau. 


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