Chapter 50

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Happy 50th Chapter! I kept it short and sweet. <3


"Mitchell..." A soft voice says, finally breaking the silence.

"You're my son. And one of the most beautiful souls I know."

My head quickly snapped up at his words.

"F-father?" I sobbed in disbelief.


Kirstie starts bawling then. "Oh... my god."

"Indeed, Kirstin. My God is great and loves his children." Mike agrees.

When I look up at his face he looks calm, tears in his eyes.

"Son, you are an amazing human being and your sexuality can't ever, won't ever change that. My God loves you based not off of whom you love, but how you love. And so do I."

I can't even find the words to respond, so I just jump up and out of Kirstie and mom embrace. I run straight into Mike's outstretched arms.

I quickly realize that this is the first time I've hugged him in such a long time, and It feels like a piece I didn't know was missing falling right back into place.

"I love you so much, Son." Mike sobs. "Nothing can change that."

"I-I love you too, father." And I mean't it. 

"Why were you scared, Mitchell? You didn't think I would accept my own son?" He asks sadly.

I shake my head no and he lets out a deep, sad sigh.

"Then I must have been awful to you to make you feel that way. I know that I'm a pastor, but I'm not ignorant, Mitch. I've been wrong, all this time I've been wrong. I have spent years condemning my own sons community, oblivious to the fact that it is actually filled with amazing, kind-hearted, godly people. And just like any other community, not one two people are they same, and therefore should not all be thrown into one category. I will never preach another anti-gay sermon ever again." 

I'm in disbelief, wanting to say so much but forgetting how to say even my own name. 

"B-but, I thought being gay was a sin?" I ask, releasing myself from Mike's embrace.

 "No, son." He says firmly, placing both hands onto my shoulders. 

"I was wrong. I was raised in a time where gays were condemned just because they were viewed as different, and although I still see the same thing today- and I actually did it myself until now- It's much different these days... and you've made me realize that. You made me realize that God would never condemn amazing people like you just because of who you love. So no, It's not a sin, Mitch."

I cried harder than ever before, throwing myself back into Mike's arms.

"Thank you so much, dad."

Mike gasped a little. "You called me dad... I didn't think you still called me that."

He squeezed onto me  tighter. 

"Thank you for showing me the light, son. I now have a new sermon to preach."


I call Scott the moment Kirstie leaves and lock myself into my bedroom. 


He sounds a little groggy on the other end, most likely due to the face that it's well past midnight. 

"Hi, Scotty..." I say shakily.

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