Chapter 9

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Last for today! Also... OVER 100 READS WOW! THANKS GUYS! Now, I know that's nothing to a lot of people, but it's a lot to me. Just reaching 1 person and brightening their day was my goal, and I think I've accomplished that so I'm really happy and emotional. I wouldn't have ever started this without the influence from PrincessPleb. P.S., if you haven't already (what are you doing with your life?) go read Moving Mountains by @PrincessPleb ❤️❤️❤️ Okay, let's continue! 


I decide not to show Kirst or Alex his number because I don't want either of them freaking out. And by freaking out, I mean Kirst going all "Scomiche" and Alex going all "Run away! He's gonna beat you up!"

Alex is so convinced that Scott wants to physically hurt me and while I get why he would feel that way, I'm the one that actually had a conversation with him that oddly enough... I felt pretty safe during.

Wait... I felt safe. What did that mean? This is a bad boy we're talking about here. I should be running for dear life, or panicking just a bit at the least!

"So he thinks you should audition?" Kirst asks.

"Yeah. He says as my mentor that he should encourage me."

"That's an honor Mitch! Scott Hoying is an AMAZING singer. Esther told me he's won 'Best Male BaritoneVocalist' at state for the past 3 years in a row!"

"Yeah, he may be an amazing singer, but I don't trust him." Alex mutters.

I just pick at my food.

"Oh, stop it Alex. All you know about Scott are rumors. You're being judgmental." Kirst defends.

I smile a bit at her. Wait, why did I smile? Was it because she was sticking up for Scott?

Alex rolled his eyes. "I'm gonna go catch up with Jake. See you in 5th period, Kirst."

He didn't say bye to me.

"What's his problem?" I ask.

"Hmm... Don't know. He's worried about you, I think."

"But why?!" I'm getting annoyed now.

"Because Mitch, he's very protective of you and you're talking with a guy who's in his 5th year of high school."

I frown a little at that comment. "He's not trying to hurt me... He's my mentor and he was actually really nice, too. He offered to help me prepare for my audition."

"Really?" Kirstie asks, seemingly shocked.

"Um.. Yeah."

She gasps. "I'm gagged! Wow Mitch. You better audition then! Alone time with the most popular (and hottest) guy in school! Well... He's not hotter than Jeremy Michaels but yeah..."

"You mean Jeremy 'My husband!' Jeremy?" I ask, sneakily trying to change the subject.

It works. We talk about Jeremy for the rest of lunch until the bell for 5th period rings and I have to go home.

I hug Kirst and make my way down the hall (alone) to exit the building.

On my way out, a huge guy in a jersey bumps into me, causing my handbag to come crashing into the floor. My whole choir folder spilling out onto the floor.

I frantically reach for my belongings as they get trampled by students hurrying to their classes. I sigh in frustration and try to reach for my foundation compact that I carry with me in case I need to do touch-ups on my face.

Just as I'm reaching out for it, a long arm beat me there.

I look up at the person now holding my makeup.

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