Chapter 66

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I was shocked when Mitch agreed to talk to me the next day, and even more so when he answered my phone call. 

It felt natural speaking with him, and I regretted not having him as at least a friend for all of these years. 

He was mad at me, I knew he was. And although he might not have in the past, he was perfectly okay with letting me know how mad he was.

"I wish we talked more after I moved to LA. I really do regret it." I say, letting my walls down once we'd finished our small talk.

"I don't know Scott, I have no regrets because I reached out to you many times. You were an asshole, and what now? You call me after 3 years just to say hey? You are a piece of shit."

I can't even get mad because I already felt that way about myself. I was however taken aback by his response. 

Mitch had obviously changed a lot since we'd last spoken, which isn't surprising considering he's an instagram model and youtuber. 

"I know." I say simply. "I'm just happy you're giving me another chance."

Mitch had been answering back at a quick pace, but this time  he is quiet on the other line for a moment.

"Scott," he says. "You're lucky I'm such a weak person. I shouldn't be speaking with you right now, but I believe in second chances."

I hold back my emotions, thinking back on how Mitch forgave his parents after years of verbal and emotional abuse. He was such a forigiving and kind soul. I always knew it would get him hurt, but I never thought I would be the one hurting him. 

"I know Mitch, you've been this way since I met you. That's why I fell in love with you. You have a big heart and you love to love."

I hear Mitch clear his throat. "Um, yeah... Anyway, I've got to go in a bit. This conversation was, uh..."

"Yeah." I agree, already knowing what he meant. Our conversation was uncomfortable and really fucking awkward. "So..." 

"I'll be visiting LA in 2 days just to look at apartments and do a try-out photo shoot for CLambert Fashion."

I gasp. "CLambert Fashion?! Wow, that's where you were offered a job? Like, as... a model?" I ask incredulously, a blush growing on my face.

 I can hear Mitch suck in a light breath. "Uh, yeah... Candice and I have been great friends and business partners for about a year now."

"Wow, the Candice Lambert?!" I fangirl. 

I've loved CLambert Fashion since I first starting loving fashion, and I'd always wanted to work with Candice. I was extremely jealous to say the least, but very proud of Mitch. 

We talk about Candice for a bit but I'm hardly listening to anything Mitch is saying if I'm being honest. I just keep picturing him modeling and it's very distracting what the mind can do. I'll have to look at his instagram later... Wait, no. I shouldn't. But-

"Hello? I think you're breaking up." Mitch says.

"N-no, I just. Um... Wow, Mitch. You really should take the job. It's a once in a lifetime experience that you may never be given again."

"I know. I just need to decide if it's right for me. The lifestyle, the move. I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave arlington."

"Mitch, you'll be 19 before you know it. You're ready." I say, trying to convince him. 

It was no longer about being exes or having awkward conversations, it was about Mitch doing what he's mean't to do and what he loves to do. He deserved this job and it would be a shame if he didn't take it, as talented as he is.

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