Chapter 27

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Here's a long chapter to make up for my neglect. :( Hope if you're reading this you are enjoying the story! I promise to update more frequently, my life has been busy lately. Enjoy 



The much anticipated day had finally arrived. I tried to focus in school but by the time 4th period rolled around I couldn't stop thinking about auditions. I wouldn't say I was nervous, after-all my brother would be judging me. (My brother who thinks I'm the most amazing singer alive) And just to point out, those were his words not mine.

Class had yet to begin as Mrs. C was just walking out of her office.

"Alright, everyone have a seat in their respective chairs and listen carefully. For your audition today please make sure that you're dressed appropriately. For example, stand up please Tamar and Jesse."

Tamar hesitantly stood and shared confused looks with some of her friends while Jesse stood up confidently, a smirk on his face.

"As you can see ladies, Tamar is wearing a lovely dress. Very appropriate for the audition. And gentlemen, Jesse is wear a nice sweater with khakis. Also a very appropriate choice for the audition. I think you understand where I'm going with this..."

The classroom agreed and I rolled my eyes slightly. Of course everyone will be dressing appropriately knowing that Avi will be there judging.

"Next order of business... Lets discuss the schedule. Everyone auditioning signed up for a time slot, yes? Good. Now, those time slots are limited to 10 minutes each in order for everyone to audition in under 4 hours. After auditions judges will do a bit of deliberating before results are posted on the board and sent in an email for those not sticking around to wait."

There was a loud collective gasp and everyone began whispering. I turned to Esther and we shared a look of uneasiness before I heard a very distinct voice louder than the rest of the room but still not shouting.

I turned and stared at Mitch. He had a sassy look on his face, he was really cute.

"No way Kirk! You don't have to stick around with me just because Kirstie isn't staying."

"Mitch, just let him. We know you get nervous and we want to be there for you. I wish I could stick around too but-"

"-Please stop Kirstie. You're making me sound weak..."

"Oh honey, you aren't weak! We just worry about you because you're so amazing and talented and we don't want you to be stressed."

Mitch shook his head and looked away from Kirstie, down at his feet, as Alexander put a hand on his back, rubbing circles.

I didn't like Alexander touching Mitch so I looked away, noticing Esther glaring at me in my peripherals.

"What?" I snapped.

She just smiled at me so I raised a (non-existent) brow.

"Nothing, nothing... Just- If looks could kill, Scotty, Alex would be dead. And I don't just mean drop-dead gorgeous." She laughed.

I was hardly amused as I turned my attention back on Mrs. C who was lecturing us on the polite behavior for Avi.

After a few more minutes of torture the bell ring and Esther and I walked to lunch together.

"What time slot did you choose?" She asked me as I took her backpack off of her shoulder to carry for her. People at school always seem to assume that we're dating at first (which is ridiculous because I'm only being nice!) just because I do gentlemanly things like that for her. To be fair though, nobody knows we're brother and sister.

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