Chapter 54

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Hi lovelies. Let's all keep positivity in the fandom and just be happy that we have PTX to bless us with their beautiful music and personalities. Happy holidays and enjoy this chapter! :) <3



We stroll through the mall, arms linked together, as Kirst talks my ear off about finding a dress for homecoming. 

I can't help but feel a little sad and left out, but it's my own fault for leaving Martin that I don't get to attend homecoming. 

But oh well... It wouldn't be the first time I've felt left out of something. It just sucks because it could have been my first homecoming game/dance. It might have been just like in the movies.

These days that's all I do anyway, sit alone in my room and watch movies. I wish I had fun things to look forward to like Kirstie and all of my other friends do. 



"Are you okay? I thought we just spilt all of the tea. What's wrong?"

I shrug. "It's nothing, I'm fine Kirst."

She squints her eyes at me. "No you're not, but you obviously aren't ready to talk about it so I'm gonna choose to respect that for the time being, but don't think we're through here Mx. Grassi."

I felt a little guilty about lying to her because she cares about me more than practically anyone else, so I let out a dramatic sigh. "I really am fine,  but I guess I'm just a little annoyed that you, Alex, Esther and everybody aren't exactly keeping me in the loop these days."

Kirstie stops walking and unlinks our arms. "What do you mean?" 

"Like... I--I don't know. You guys just don't tell me anything anymore and it's just like how it was before I decided to go to public school. Like, none of you even told me that there was a homecoming dance." 

Once I admit it I realize how pathetic I must sound. It was my own fault for being too much of a weakling to handle public school, none of my friends were responsible for that. And I knew it.

Kirst only shrugs. "Oh. Well homecoming is for people at Martin, I didn't think you'd be interested."

It hurt a little that Kirstie didn't think I would want to go homecoming with her, but I wasn't about to start any petty drama over it. 

I fake smile. "Yeah, I guess. So you wanted to try on dresses, yeah?"


Kirst exits the dressing room and I feel my breath catch in my throat at the sight of her. She looked like a princess straight out of a fairytale book.


She giggles and has a slight blush on her face. "Yeah? Do you love it, too?"

I definitely loved it and was happy she had found the dress of her dreams, but I couldn't stop the feeling of jealousy that spread through my body. That could have been me if I could go to homecoming,  trying on the perfect dress to wear the night where Scott would be my dance. 

No one would judge us for being together either, or for me wearing a dress. 

We would dance the night away surrounded by our friends.

I sigh in sadness when I realize that could never happen, that if I wore a dress I would get death threats and people would make fun of Scott and I going to homecoming as a couple. 

Maybe it was for the best that I couldn't go.

"You're stunning. I love the dress and you look very happy in it, so is it the one?" I say in the most cheery voice I could muster.

 "Eek! Yeah, this is definitely the one! I hope Jeremy likes it too. He's my date to the dance, of course."

I nod, still checking Kirst out in the dress. 

"Has Scott asked you to the dance?" She asks as she smoothes out the sides of her dress in the mirror. 

I roll my eyes a little. "No. He hasn't even mentioned it at all."

I can tell she hears the hurt in my voice. "Aw, bummer."

Yeah, it was a huge bummer. "Yeah..."

She turns from the mirror and faces me. "Hey, don't lose hope. I'm sure if he's planning on going he'll ask you."

"I guess."

"Oh my gosh! If he asks you then we can go to the game together and stuff. I think Alex is going too... He was telling me about this secret boy he's going to ask."

Kirst was beginning to annoy me but she was in a good mood so I just went along with the conversation, nodding.

She turns back to the mirror and plays with her hair before asking me to hand over her cellphone. I do so and she takes a mirror selfies before asking me to snap a few pics of her.

I finish and hand her phone back, my heart racing with the thought of Scott asking me to the dance now. I hadn't even thought about it until Kirst brought it up as a possibility. 

"Do you think if Scott asks me and we go together that people would make fun of us?" I ask randomly. 

"What? No way. No one would care about you two, no offense, but it'll literally be a bunch of horny teens grinding on each other and snapchatting."  

I giggle. "That doesn't sound like fun."

"But it's our first homecoming! You have to go. Please? Even if Scott doesn't ask you. You can go with Jer and I!"

The thought of third-wheeling makes me sicker than the thought of a hundred horny teens grinding on each other in a sweaty crowd of football players. 

"No, no. I wouldn't want to do that to you. Plus, third-wheeling doesn't the most appeal-"

"-Oh! You can go with Nicole! She doesn't have a date."

I think about it for a second. "Wait, that actually would be a lot of fun."

"See?!" Kirst grins. "Now we've just gotta make sure you have a nice suit to wear!"

Yeah, a suit...

She gasps. "Ooh! Or a dress! Whichever you want."


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