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Incurable by Superfruit_IsLife
Incurableby Mama Alpha
"You're here because you can't sleep. Or won't let yourself eat. Maybe voices speak to you sometimes. Maybe... You don't know what's wrong. Whatever the reason, wha...
Always Dark by Superfruit_IsLife
Always Darkby Mama Alpha
(Blind Mitch AU) --Thank you @RoseGoldHeart for the cover--
Night Falls by Queen_Grace18
Night Fallsby Emily Grace
"9-1-1, what's your emergency?" A calm female asks. "Hi, I'm in the parking garage at 65th and Lincoln, across the street from the Bailey Business Center...
You Ruined Me (Scomiche) by feminenemy22
You Ruined Me (Scomiche)by Lauren
AU. Scott’s life is going just as he planned it. He has the perfect roommate, the perfect girlfriend and, as of today, the perfect new job doing what he loves. As he b...
Awakened by Imalittlelime
Awakenedby LittleLime
He's been in a coma for months now. His caretaker was the problem. He fell in love. Credit to @mitch.hoying on Instagram for the cover!
SCÖMÌCHE ONESHOTS 2.0 by hoyingxo
SCÖMÌCHE ONESHOTS 2.0by hoyingxo
book two, because there's no such thing as too much scomiche.
Bad Baby Boy by Scomichebb_18
Bad Baby Boyby Mxssxr.bby
He's everyones crush, guy or girl. He is also gay, and one of the only few in the whole school. Girls either want to get him into their mini skirts, or be his best frien...
Scent (Scomiche) by luckyenough19
Scent (Scomiche)by ✌
Scott owns a bakery. Mitch is a loyal customer. Scott is happily married, and Mitch can't change that. But fate can.
Scömìche One Shots by Pentaholicfruitler
Scömìche One Shotsby Annie
Just a bunch of the most random Scömìche one shots ever *cover by the perfect @LelYoGirlAngel
Mountain by ScomitcheGirl
Mountainby ScomicheGirl
"I'd climb mountains for him." He says. "You already do Mitch. He just doesn't know it." She says. "He's on one side of the mountain and your on...
Unexpectedly Expecting (Scömíche Mpreg) by Scomichebb_18
Unexpectedly Expecting (Scömíche Mxssxr.bby
In the future, Men's body started to change internally and have been able to get pregnant. it's been a mind blowing discovery worldwide, but it's still very rare compare...
The Alpha And The Omega by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omegaby Mama Alpha
Completed :) -BUT- There is a second book... And a third... And um... A fourth xD
Scomiche Oneshots 3  by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshots 3 by 𝐵𝑅𝐸𝐸
The third book of the Grassi-Hoying family oneshots! Check out book one and book two to catch up! Scott and Mitch Grassi-Hoying are a happily married gay couple. They lo...
scomiche; arranged marriage (omegaverse) by hoyingxo
scomiche; arranged marriage ( hoyingxo
Mitch is an Omega who likes to fight for Omegas rights but his world comes crashing down when his parents force him to marry non other than Scott Hoying, an Alpha who ha...
The Alpha And The Omega 2 by Superfruit_IsLife
The Alpha And The Omega 2by Mama Alpha
Book 2 in the series!! It would be silly to read this one before the first one, so don't be silly.
Standing By by MusicAgain57
Standing Byby Amy Burrow
Home Free/ Pentatonix fanfic Ten people, ten personalities, two groups, two different styles. They start out rocky but become fast friends. Friendships are tested but...
more than just a fan. (scomiche au) // COMPLETED by hoyingxo
more than just a fan. (scomiche hoyingxo
Scott Hoying is one of Mitch Grassi's biggest fans. Scott discovered his music at a point in his life where everything was going downwards and he wanted to end it all. S...
Scomiche One Shots by just_glambert_things
Scomiche One Shotsby They call me Q...
Just a bunch of fluffy, sad and maybe a few smutty ( we shall see) little stories about our two favorite people!
more than just a fan. (scomiche - book 2) // COMPLETED by hoyingxo
more than just a fan. ( hoyingxo
Scott and Mitch's journey continue after Scott is finally free from his possessive ex-boyfriend. They're a powercouple now. Will they be able to handle the new fame? Or...