Chapter 15

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When I woke up it was really dark outside and I FLIPPED OUT. "Oh my god! What time is it?!"

"Mitch, don't use the lords name-"

"-Oh, stop it Mike. Good morning honey." Mom smiled at me.

"Morning. And sorry dad..."

He nodded at me and I wanted to roll my eyes but refrained from doing so. "I don't remember anything from today. What happened?"

"Well, your surgery was a success... Doctors think you'll make a full recovery in about a month if you stay off of your left leg. You were out of it all day, awake for a bit only to 'Drunk text' your friend Scott, and then-"

"-Wait, what? I texted Scott?!" I exclaimed.

Mike glared at me. "Don't interrupt your mother."

"Yessir." I mumbled.

"You passed out before you could say anything to Kirstin though. However, you were asking for her earlier. Tell me son, do you want to date Kirstin?" Mike asked.

This time I DID roll my eyes. "No. Kirstie is my best friend. Nothing more, nothing less. Always has been, always will be."

"Don't speak to me in that tone of voice Mitchell, you know that-"

"-MIKE. If you can't control your temper you're going to have to leave. Mitch needs to relax after his surgery and we don't need you in here raising his blood pressure."

I tuned out of mom and Mike's argument and picked up my phone off of the charger.

4 unread texts

I read and responded to my other messages and left the one Scott had sent for last.

Bad boy: Are you drunk?

I mentally smacked myself. He must think I'm a weirdo... Why do I always screw up?

Me: I'm so sorry! I was drugged from surgery and Idk why I texted you.

He didn't respond right away like usual so I set my phone back down with a sigh after reading the stupid message I sent him earlier.

Mom and Mike finally stopped arguing and went to get me my first meal of the day even though it was almost 8 PM. Dr. Coleman came by later to talk with us about the surgery and along with her came a nurse who checked on my cast.

"So tomorrow we'll start learning how to use crutches, okay?" Dr. Coleman said.

"Okay. Thank you, doctor." I smiled

She returned a beautiful smile and left the room. One we were alone I started to fall asleep until my phone chirped.

Bad boy: I'm so happy the surgery went well for you, Mitchie! So I'll get to see you tomorrow still?

Me: Yeah. I've got a cast now and I'm learning how to use my crutches tmrw.

Bad boy: You've never used crutches before?

Me: Nope. Never broken a bone until now either.

Bad boy: Lucky. I've broken my arm before and a finger.

Me: A finger? Ouch! How did you do that?

Bad boy: Playing basketball.

Me: That's wild

Bad boy: Are you tired?

Me: Yeah, I am.

Bad boy: I'll let you sleep then. See you tomorrow. I'll come at around 1 or 2.

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