Chapter 34

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I'm alive. Busy, but alive. I made a long chapter to make up for the weeks and weeks I haven't updated. I hope it is enough. Sorry I'm a bad writer, this chapter isn't the best. Thank you for all the support though! I don't know how this got to 7.5k read tbh. I'm humbled. ❤ Thank you all.


Saturday morning was a big blur. 

Let's just start from the beginning.

I woke up to Avi and Esther arguing about something, which I presumed was stupid and involving food, in the kitchen. I then proceeded to storm out of my room and into the kitchen where I yelled "Shut the fuck up!" which triggered a whole other argument between the three of us now.

Three minutes of scolding from Shelly and an Advil for my newfound headache later, I finally started to get ready for the day. After my shower I checked my phone and discovered that I was being bombarded by my group chat. 

Benny: Guess who I'm taking to your party tonight muthafucka?!

Jer: No way. I don't believe you. 

Benny: I told you she'd say yes! :P Suck it Jerry

Jer. Don't call me that, Benjamin. 

Benny: Please don't start calling me that again. You've finally stopped.

Jer: Whatever. Now tell us how you got Mikayla Washington to be your date!

Benny: Really? All she had to do was look at me and it was guaranteed she'd say yes. 

Me: Don't flatter yourself. Lol

Jer: Scotland! You've awoken from your slumber! It's almost 1...

Me: Had a crazy morning...

Benny: Should we be worried? 

Me: Nah, just sibling problems.

Jer: ?

Benny: Wdym?

I mentally slapped myself. How do I fix this?!

Me: My aunt is in town and she and my mom keep arguing. Woke me up +  I barely got any sleep last night. 

I gave myself a pat on the back. Nice save, Scotty. 

Jer: Oh, that sucks. At least you get to leave from home in a few hours. Y'all still coming early to help set up? 

Benny: Of course

Me: Affirmative

Jer: Sweet. Feel free to bring your dates early as well. Speaking of, who are you bringing Scott?

Oh great, gotta save myself again... 

Me: I couldn't decide so I ended up not asking anyone

Benny: Oh come on bro...

Benny: I mean, you can probably get someone from the party to hang out with you since you're Scott Hoying. 

Me: whatever

Jer: Oh, well you can bring Mikayla early if you want Ben. 

Benny: Sweet

How do I bring up Mitch? 

Think Scott, think.... 

Me: I got Esther to agree to keep me company (in a platonic way of course) so imma bring her early too. I think she's also bringing a friend. 

Jer: Kirstie told me that she's taking Esther?

Me: Hmm, I guess I'm driving her friend then. He's the one we sit with sometimes.

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