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Perfect Hiders by ptx_teas
Perfect Hidersby shalyne
Mitch Grassi and Avi Kaplan are in a relationship. They can't tell anyone and no one can find out, but don't worry - they've become the perfect hiders. (picture isn't mi...
On Tour with Pentatonix by PentaHOTNESS
On Tour with Pentatonixby PentaHOTNESS
Victoire was not an extraordinary girl. She had an okay singing voice. She could dance okay. Her grades were straight A's. (She had to be top of her class) But, she did...
Pentatonix One Shots by Raven5555
Pentatonix One Shotsby Raven
Basically the title. Please message me with requests. I will do anything.
Unconditionally  by avm2103
Unconditionally by avm2103
Scomiche AU "I told you Scott, you're stuck with me. I love you and nothing will ever change that. Unconditionally, babe." "Unconditionally?" Scott...
the book of fluff (that usually isn't) by horsedancer123
the book of fluff (that usually ansley
one-shots are cool because they're like books without the commitment so if you have commitment issues with books like me then this is the read for you. the most recent o...
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi) by LittleCarokind
Can't Sleep... Love? (Mavi)by Caro
Mitch has trouble sleeping when he's in a foreign bed. But there's this one person that helps him through the night. Each night.
Look Closer | Mavi | Dreamingletters & LittleCarokind by LittleCarokind
Look Closer | Mavi | Caro
Love is hard to find. That is true, especially if you're singing in a sucessful, Grammy-winning acapella group. But sometimes the love you're so desperately searching...
Hi. My name is Scott by Tomboylovesmusic
Hi. My name is Scottby Tomboylovesmusic
Inspired by 'Boys Don't Cry' and 'Tomboy' Scott Hoying is in the 11th grade. He has always been known as female in school, but no more. When he arrives at a new school...
Adopted by Pentatonix   by Ash200208
Adopted by Pentatonix by Ashlyn
Anna is found in a dark alleyway by Kirstin. When she takes her to the office a few things change everyone's life.
True Love by Coralie56
True Loveby Coralie56
Avi was in his music room, absently chiming out a few notes on his guitar. His thoughts were wandering in a rather sad way... How will he be able to go on like this? Tha...
Pentacademy by Raven5555
Pentacademyby Raven
Five very different pupils have one thing in common. They are lonely. When their Headteacher buddies them up for the year, how will they cope?
Grab a bowl of popcorn, because it's a roller coaster of scomiche fluffy+angsty oneshots! I hope you've enjoyed your read. Please don't be afraid to comment or leave pro...
Scent (Scomiche) by luckyenough19
Scent (Scomiche)by ✌
Scott owns a bakery. Mitch is a loyal customer. Scott is happily married, and Mitch can't change that. But fate can.
It's Been a Long, Long Time by LB0917
It's Been a Long, Long Timeby Lo
Right after Mitch's fortieth birthday, a tragic event leads him back into the lives of the band he left behind nearly a decade ago, whether he likes it or not. Eventual...
Adopted By Pentatonix by Kathryn_Ruth
Adopted By Pentatonixby Kathryn
April is an orphaned girl, after she was taken away from her abusive father. She's taken to an orphanage where it's just like her old home. The smell of alcohol and drug...
Mitch Grassi x Reader [COMPLETED] by boomboxkid
Mitch Grassi x Reader [COMPLETED]by boomboxkid
Fem!reader You and Mitch were slight enemies in high school. There was just 1 problem. You had a crush on him. But you were friends with the same people. You left them a...
Scomiche Oneshots by breeoc97
Scomiche Oneshotsby 𝚋𝚛𝚎𝚎
A cute collection of Scomiche stories :) This is book 1! Read this one first to understand book 2! Scott and Mitch are happily married! They have three handsome sons...
Christmas one shots (Scomiche) by SHxMG_feels
Christmas one shots (Scomiche)by SH×MG
In this book you can find various stories containing Christmassy themes! If you love the holidays then stick around :)