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Trapped (Unfinished) by monkeyface65
Trapped (Unfinished)by Kristen
When leaving for their On My Way Home tour, Pentatonix has drama running throughout the group. Kirstie and Jeremy's relationship is going downhill, and Avi finds feeling...
Baby Talk by AltoPentaholic
Baby Talkby maddie
What happens when you are the youngest in your group of friends? You get babied a lot. And Mitch Grassi is living proof of that. COVER BY: PTXSoprano
New Parents? (Avi Kaplan ff) by coloredstickynotes
New Parents? (Avi Kaplan ff)by Elizabeth
Okay this is literally the most cringey thing ever I wrote it years ago its awful but read it at your own risk of cringe
Fear - A PTX AU by wyattspubes
Fear - A PTX AUby avocado and guacamitche
Something terrible happened between Kirstie and Avi. Something that tore them apart - and brought them together. It might just have been Avi’s dream come true, but it wa...
Abilities- Pentatonix by Angelicpoetry
Abilities- Pentatonixby Angelicpoetry
a·bil·i·ty- (əˈbilədē) possession of the means or skill to do something. (trust trəst) firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or somethin...
Blood Type  by Cutiee_Bubs
Blood Type by Jasmine
Hi! I'm Atira Crystal and I'm a 16 year old performer. "Your features are very similar to them." "Why is she so familiar?" "Are you sure you're...
She warned you...(Mirstie Fanfiction) by PTXShan
She warned you...(Mirstie PTXShan
Kirstie had it all she had money, power, fame, and 4 amazing best friends. You would think she would be happy right? Wrong. She wasn't.
Six Feet Under by lexaswritings
Six Feet Underby lexaswritings
Kirstie Maldonado and Scott Hoying have been together for years. Scott works for the FBI, and when Kirstie is kidnapped, Scott is sent a live feed video of her being bur...
Mirstie One- Shot Fanfictions :D by theodd1istheout
Mirstie One- Shot Fanfictions :Dby Cyrill
For those who love Pentatonix or this ship, This is dedicated to you guys :) Enjoy reading ^_^
first love (scomark) by whil3pigsfly
first love (scomark)by colby
scott hasn't dated a boy. then he meets mark.
Speak to Me. (Scömítche) by hannahb0101
Speak to Me. (Scömítche)by hannahb0101
Pentatonix have been together for years now. Tours, gigs, traveling, and even the memories bring them closer as a group of friends. But with Mitch and Scott, it's differ...
Never Trust Secrets | Kavi by Sopphix
Never Trust Secrets | Kaviby Sophia
There were times when Kirstie would turn her eyes to Avi to see him staring into space with empty eyes. Sometimes he'd disappear for hours and return more quiet and jump...
The Song of Our Own by slattern233
The Song of Our Ownby Slattern233
Years of singing side-by-side, from nothing to triumph with each others, Avi and Kirstie has reached so many milestones. The affectionate for the opposite grew every sec...
Pardon Me? by solemnly-swear
Pardon Me?by Lex
Stuck in an adoption center for most of her life, Alice finally thinks she has a chance at life. But when Amanda and John adopt her, is this the life she'd been preparin...
Something Unusual ↬ A Pentatonix Fanfiction by RoseGoldDjooo
Something Unusual ↬ A Pentatonix The Feels™
Scott Hoying, Mitch Grassi, Kirstin Maldonado, Avi Kaplan, and Kevin Olusola are just normal teenagers at a private high school. Minus the normal part. None of them are...
All My Stars by pastelqueen_
All My Starsby Jewels
Scott is a college student who owns a space themed blog on tumblr and occasionally posts covers of his favorite songs. When he gets a message in his inbox from a boy com...
I'm Dying For You by _Haley_Taylor_
I'm Dying For Youby Haley Taylor
When Kirstin Maldonado got out of her car, she felt arms wrap around her waist. She though it was her boyfriend, Jeremy, and thought nothing of it but little did she kno...