Chapter 10

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This is a short one 

I didn't end up calling Kirstie because she had homework and I also needed to finish studying after the "detour" I took after class today. I will tell her about what happened in lunch tomorrow.

Mom and Mike got home later than I had anticipated. I ended up just eating a salad for dinner because I didn't have enough energy to cook.

Mom knocked on my room door. "Honey, are you asleep?"

"Studying mom!" I shouted back. "How was your day?" I asked when I opened my door up to her.

"It was great. Megan was very helpful and I'm going to start my business over the weekend. I think you and your father should go out bonding while I do that."

I sighed. "Please don't make me. I hated hunting."

She just nodded, obviously not wanting to argue tonight. "How was your day?"

How do I respond to that? Well, you and Mike didn't pick me up from school so I asked the school's very own bad-boy to give me a ride on his motorcycle, which he agreed to. It was a great day!

"It was fine. Mrs. Clark wants me to audition for a lead role in our fall festival set."

She gasped. "Mitchell! I'm so so proud of you honey. I knew you would do well in choir!"

She hugged me and I hugged back.

"Thanks mom." I mumbled

She released me. "You should come say hello to your father."

I obliged.


I woke up with a million texts from Kirstie who was upset that I didn't answer my calls from her last night.

In choir I got a chance to apologize but she told me it wasn't necessary and she was just worried about me because I'm the one who told her to call me in the first place. "What did you want to talk about anyway?" She asked me as other students were still piling in for class.

"Oh, well...I-" I noticed Alex making his way over out of my peripheral vision. "I'll tell you later."

Kirst just turned her head towards where I was looking at Alex and raised a questioning brow at me. Alex sat between us and put an arm over my chair. "Hey Mitchoo!" He smiled.

"Hi Al." I smiled in return. I was glad that he was back to normal. "How are you?"

"I'm awesome because you're here. Look, I'm sorry if I was snappy yesterday... I just worry about you being taken advantage of for being so nice and innocent."

I frowned and before I could respond, Mrs. C came out of her office and started class soon after that.

Today we did more sight singing and finished voice-type classification. I was officially the only person put in the highest male category of counter-tenor, so Mrs. C just had me join the regular tenors. Kirst was officially a mezzo-soprano and I discovered that Alex is a baritone.

After we finished all of that, Mrs. C reminded Mentors to have their freshmen finish choir folders by tomorrow. I had already finished mine without Scott's help, but at lunch he still stopped me to ask how it was going along.

I was sitting with Kirst and Alex telling them both about yesterday now that Alex had time to calm down. "It wasn't a big deal guys. He just gave me a ride because it was raining!"

I left out the part about him giving me his number and the part about him texting me a little 'X' at the end of his message last night.

Kirstie seemed amused by my shortened version of yesterday's events, but Alex had his arms folded in front of his perfectly toned chest as he interrogated me. "So let me get this straight, Mitchoo... He took you home after lunch meaning he skipped his 5th and 6th period? But you're telling us the rumors aren't true so... How can he skip his classes and NOT be failing?"

I wondered that myself... "I-I don't know."

"Speak of the devil..." Alex muttered.

"What?" I questioned as I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around. "H-hi Scott."

"How is your choir folder going?" He asked.

"I finished it a while ago. It's got everything from music to the choir schedule, to audition times and the fundraiser thing."

"Great! I thought I saw you carrying it around but just wanted to make sure."

That was nice of him to check. "Thank you..."

"Cool. See you around then?" He asked, nodding at Kirst and Alex before walking away.

"Oh, so he is aware that we exist." Alex chuckled to himself. "He seems full of himself."

"How did you get THAT vibe off of him Al? Seriously." Kirst responded. "He's just doing his job as a mentor."

"You still haven't answered my question, Mitch..." Alex prompted.

"I don't know, okay? We barely talked. He just took me home and said goodbye." I finally spilled.

"If you say so. I still don't like him though."

Kirst rolled her eyes at him and gave me a look before shrugging at me.


That night after some contemplating I decided to call Kirstie and tell her the full story including the phone number and text.

"I knew it, I knew it!" She prectically squealed. "I knew you were leaving some parts out. I could see it in your eyes that there was something else."

"Why aren't you telling me to steer clear of him?" I asked nervously. "I mean, not that anything is happening between us but... Like, Alex hates him."

"Guess I'm not as judgmental as he is. Also, scomiche is so new that there's no telling what direction it's heading in."

That was fair. "And don't forget the fact that I'm too shy to hold a proper conversation with him even if I wanted to."

Kirst giggled. "Don't be so hard on yourself. Embrace who you are."

I try to... Every day.


After dinner I went to my room to get ready for bed. I check my phone that was on charge and smiled at what I saw.

Bad-boy: Hey Mitchell... I can't stop thinking about how amazing you sounded during voice classifying today. Have you made up your mind on auditions?

I had. I talked to Kirstie and Alex at lunch and they encouraged me to go for it.

Me: Wow! Thank you. That means a lot coming from mr 'Best Male Baritone'

Me: I talked to my friends and I think I'm gonna do it. I'm just nervous.

Bad-boy: Mrs. C will be happy to hear that. :) Don't be nervous, I'll help you remember? X

Again with the X! Aghhh! Suddenly I felt nervous even behind the safety of my phone screen. I would be alone with the schools insanely popular bad-boy.

Me: Are you sure you want to do that? I'm kind of a mess when it comes to perfecting stuff.

Bad-boy: Don't worry, I am too. Remember what you said about fear of failure?

No. When did I say... Oh, right. Now I remember.

Me: Ya?

Bad-boy: That's why. I'm a perfectionist because I'm afraid of failing.

Me: I'm a perfectionist too.

Bad-boy: Guess we'll make the perfect team then. ;) Saturday?

Me: Okay, bad-boy. You'll tell me the time in class tmrw?

Bad-boy: Good night Mitchy. See you tmrw. X

He didn't really answer my question...


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