Chapter 4

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Friday went by fairly easily as I had only intended on finishing a bit of summer reading and one of my online linguistics classes in the afternoon and helping dad clean fish in the evening for dinner. We bonded over ESPN as we prepared the food and I was only pretending to be the slightest bit interested in the drag-racing competition. After mom got home from the store with fresh lemons and sweet tea I began to set the table.

"Thank you for helping Dad, Mitchell. Did you boys find anything interesting to talk about?"

She gave me a look and I knew that mean't she had been hoping I'd come out to dad.

I rolled my eyes at her pathetic efforts, realizing she used going to the store as an excuse for leaving us alone together.

"We watched drag-racing together! Emerson won the 1/4 mile." Dad replies for me, a genuine smile on his face as he continues stirring the tar-tar sauce.

I smile sheepishly and fiddle with a napkin I just placed next to my plate. Luckily, mom lets me off the hook after that and we begin a peaceful dinner.

After dinner I practically speed wash the dishes and bolt upstairs into my room after saying goodnight to mom and dad. Crap! I was supposed to text Kirstie half an hour ago about our summer plans this weekend. I check my phone as it's laying on my end table and sigh at the texts I've received in the past hour.

Kirst: Summer is almost over and I still have 3 more books to finish for summer reading! Aghhhh kill me now!

Kirst: Can I go over to your place tomorrow?

Kirst: Miiiiiitch! I've finished 1/3 of a book all so my parents will let me see you tomorrow and you can't even reply to me?! :(


Kirst: Fine. I'll just go to the mall with Kate and Jeremy tomorrow if you don't wanna see me. :,(

I think through my reply a bit before responding.

Me: I'm so so sorry Kirst, had to help Mike with dinner while being tortured with drag-racing... I need a breather, could I go to yours tomorrow instead? Can't deal with being at home.

Kirst: Aw, sweetie. Of course you can! Movie night?

Me: Big hero six?!

Kirst: If you'd like :)

Me: I love you, see you tomorrow?

Kirst: You know it!

I set my phone down and got ready for bed, I'm practically under my sheets before I hear another ding. I flip my phone over.

Kirst: BTW, I need to talk to you about something tomorrow!

Me: Okay??

Kirst: It's nothing bad.

Me: ...

Kirst: It's about school, and you going with me.

Me: You're very confusing Kirst... In case you've forgotten, I'm homeschooled. I can't go to school with you.

Kirst: You silly, silly boy. If you think I'm about to start high school without my BEST friends in at least ONE of my classes, you are very much sadly mistaken.

Me: You know Mike won't let me take drama @ Martin... Or anywhere.

Kirst: Do you like your church choir?

Me: Yes but umm, irrelevant? Please stay on topic Kirst. I can't do this right now.

Kirst: I'm sorry! I know you're stressed. Get some sleep and we'll talk about it tmrw. <3

Me: Mhmmmm ok. You get some sleep too, queen. <3

I set my alarm and let my thoughts take flight.

Kirstie had a plan that could potentially involve me going to Martin. A plan that could mean I get to take a class at a public school with my best friend... A plan that mean't I could finally do something that made me feel independent. I wouldn't feel trapped at home all day. I would get a break from Mike and mom.

And with that, I fell asleep. 

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