Chapter 71

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I open my groggy eyes as I feel tapping on my shoulder.

"Mitch," Scott whispers. "We're here."

I look out the car window and my eyes widen. 

I thought Candice's plane was impressive last time I came to LA, but Scott's... It was unbelievable. I felt so proud of him for achieving something like this. 

"This is your place?!" I ask excitedly. "Holy, you're not doing so bad." 

He chuckles. "I mean, Avi and I payed for it together but yeah it's pretty sweet. I can't wait to give you a tour."

"This is so impressive, Scott. I'm really proud of you."

He turns his face away from me. "Let's go inside, it's pretty late now and that drive took way longer than it should have." 

We grab my things from the trunk and Scott enters a code into the massive gate surrounding his property.

It was a mixture of modern and classic Beverly Hills. It looked like something out of a movie and I couldn't believe he was letting me stay here for a whole week.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you, by the way. I'm sorry it was so last minute." 

"Please, you know you're welcome anytime. Plus, there's definitely enough space so it's no big deal."

I roll my eyes because he kinda does sound deuchy, but I don't think he mean't anything by it. I was impressed by how similar he seemed despite fame and the LA lifestyle. But it has only been a couple hours, so It should be interesting to spend more time around him and see how much he really has changed. 

He opens the ginormous front door for me. "After you, madam."

I giggle. "Thanks." 

I enter into the gorgeously dim-lit foyer and I literally feel as though my breath has been taken away. 

"Woah, your home is so beautiful." I manage to say after the initial shock wears off.

"Yeah, it's alright I guess." He jokes. "Here, this way."

I follow him into what I assume is the livingroom. 

"This is the first-level livingroom. You can put your stuff down near this couch if you want"

I gasp. "You have more than one livingroom?!" 

"Yeah." he laughs. "I want to show you something though, c'mere."

I again follow him but this time into a little dining space. I didn't know why he wanted to give me a tour right now when I was clearly half-awake, but I just went with it to be polite. Afterall, he was letting me stay in his MANSION. 

I gasp when I notice that on the table there is a designer cake lit with candles, a champagne  bottle and a white and gold neatly wrapped gift-box.

"Happy birthday!" A deep, low voice growls happily. 

Avi appears out of the connecting hallway and I wasn't expected to see him.

"Belated," Scott corrects. "We're a couple days late."

I place my hands over my face to cover the embarassing grin and tears forming in my eyes. 

"No, you guys didn't..." I sob. 

Scott, Avi and some nice looking lady who also appeared from the hall belt out "Happy Birthday" to me and it's such a special moment and incredibly thoughtful. I didn't think they even knew about or remembered my birthday. 

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