Chapter 46

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My evening with Scott last night was perfect and I can't wait to see him again and celebrate his birthday with all of his friends today. 

I was mean't to be at his house early to hang out and help him and Esther set up for the party, so I woke up early to start studying. I made a deal with mom that if I had my homework finished early, she would allow me to go over to Scott's, so I made sure to do just that and was finished up by 4:00. 

Scott called me at around 4:20 to inform me he was home from school and that I could come over. 

I decided to ride my bike over because I was sick of being cooped up in my house, plus mom and Mike were still at work and I couldn't ask them for a ride. 

As I exited the front door I felt a body collide into mine. 

"Oh, sor- Mike?"

Why was Mike home from work so early?

I steadied myself so I wouldn't fall over. "Why are you home so early? I though that you work until 7 now."

"Not on Fridays." Mike shrugged, looked at me curious. "Where are you heading?"

"Um... a friends house."

"A friend?"

I nodded my head shyly.

"Is it Kirstin?"

I rolled my eyes. "No, It's my friend Scott."

I mentally scolded myself. Why had I told him that? I could have just said I was going to study with Kirstie.

Mike smirked. "Scott?"

"Uh, yeah. Why?" I questioned. 

"I know him."

My heart stopped for a moment. 

"Know him?" How did he know him? I didn't even say his last name.

"Yeah, Scott Hoying. I know him, and I know why you're going to see him."

I felt my anxiety rise. "I-it's his birthday..."

"No, Mitchell." Mike said calmly, grabbing onto my shoulder roughly. "I know why you're going to see him. Just tell me the truth."

No... he couldn't know why I was going  to see him. Not unless-

"Mom told you, didn't she?" I asked shakily, tears already running down my cheeks.

Mike shoved me into the front door violently, my back coming into contact with the wood, leaving me in no doubt that I would find a bruise there later. 

"P-please." I begged uselessly, knowing full well what to expect next.

My cheek burned from where Mike had slapped me.

"My son is not a faggot. I refuse for you to be a homosexual, Mitchell-Coby. You will repent to Jesus right now for your sins."

I didn't respond. I couldn't. I just nodded my head in hopes of Mike releasing my shoulders.

Mike sighed, releasing me gently, a look of horror on his face. 

"Mitchell..." He started. "I'm so sorry."

I nodded slightly, holding a hand up to the spot where his hand landed on my cheek.

"I shouldn't have lost my temper, and I apologize for that. It's just... I never thought that my son would grow up into such an abomination. It-- your homesexuality... It's not natural, Mitchell. And I am so disappointed in you. I can't even look at your right now." Mike says angrily, all remorse disappearing from his voice.

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