Chapter 73

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Mitch and I spend the day driving around and we stop at different tourist-y places on hollywood boulevard. 

It's fun but it would be better if we weren't constantly being chased by paparazzi and bombarded by fans. 

I did like to see Mitch's fans though. They were a lot sweeter than mine for some reason, and less agressive too. Mitch was so sweet with them and it made my heart melt to watch all of his interactions. 

It was surprising to me how many of my fans recognized him and vice-versa. A lot of them were shocked to see us hanging out, but little did they know we used to date. 

"Wow, it's even better seeing it this time. Last time when I tried to come here it was late in the evenig, but I like it in the morning." Mitch said as he snapped a picture on his phone. 

"Yeah, you can read all of the names and getting better pictures when it's light out." I agree, looking down at Donald Trumps star and wincing. "Ew, look."

Mitch looks down where I point at the start. "Ewww, I hate it."

We walk over to some stars we actually like and Mitch starts fangirling. I've never seen somebody get so excited over a brick on the sidewalk. 

It would have annoyed me if I were with anybody else, but I was just fascinated watching Mitch squeal.

"I've gotta take a pic of this one for Kirst! Here, hold my glasses."

He hands me the pair of classic "LA girl" shades I gave him last night for his belated birthday celebration. He opened them right before we left and was very thankful.

I notice a street performer setting up with a guitar and microphone across the street from us and gasp.

"Oo, Mitchy look! Let's go watch him sing."

I grab Mitch's hand excitedly and we hurry to the crosswalk to cross before the timer runs out.

Once we're on the other side we both stare at our hands awkwardly. I feel myself getting red and Mitch looks like he's getting red too, but neither of us say anything. We just act like nothing happened as we Mitch quickly releases my hand.

I remind myself that Mitch has a boyfriend as my heart pounds. It's been such a long time since we've held hands. 

After we finish watching the street performer for a few minutes we end up at some icecream store and thankfully don't get noticed as we sit in the very back.

I sigh, relaxed for the first time today. "So did you have fun?"

"Yeah, I feel like such a tourist though. Thank you for showing me around."

I nod. "Don't worry, if you live here you'll stop feeling like a tourist. You get used to it and just focus on your work and creativity."

Mitch shrugs. "Nah, I don't think I could ever get used to this. It's so glamorous, y'know?"

He's so humble now, always has been. But LA can change you in the most unexpected ways. I've learned that the hard way. 

"I hope you always stay this humble." I chuckle.

"Oh my gosh! You sound just like my viewers. They all leave comments like "Mitch is going to become one of those LA vloggers" or "He's already changing so much." Like, I'm 19 years old. I think it's normal for me to be changing."

He looks sort of stressed, so I try and reassure him. "It's a lot of pressure, but I know you can handle it. You've always been the best when you're 100% yourself. Just do you, and anybody who actually cares about you will stick around. I know I will." 

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