Chapter 16

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Last for today... Shorter than the other 2 I just posted but still important. Scomiche are interacting more, yay! :) 

Scott asked me a lot more questions and we ended up ignoring the television and just talking again. I felt my shyness fade away the more we talked and when it was nearing time for Scott to head home I felt myself get sad.

I learned a lot about Scott today. He loves Starbucks (like me), loves Beyoncé (like me), he wants to be a singer (like me), his favorite show is American horror story, his favorite shirt is a red flannel, he doesn't have any pets (like me), his favorite color is blue/green, his favorite movie is Jurassic park, and his favorite food is fried chicken.

Today I also learned how inaccurate rumors can be. Scott was the complete opposite of who people said he was. He may ride a motorcycle and be gorgeous, but he's nice and sweet and... So thoughtful.

I also got to open up to Scott about who I am. I told him about everything from my parents to my sexuality. When I told him I was gay he didn't really react to it aside from saying "One of my closest friends is gay. I always tell him to invite me out when he goes clubbing, but he won't because 'I'm not old enough.'"

I even told him how much I wanted a kitty and he laughed at me when I told him I wanted a hairless one. At least he didn't go 'Ew!' like Alex did when I told him.

We said our goodbyes and Scott did something I wasn't expecting, he hovered over my bed and gave me a hug. "Have a good night and get some rest, okay? Hopefully I'll see you Monday."

Yeah, says the guy who wasn't in class today... I considered questioning him but decided against it and just hugged back. "Thanks for coming to see me. I would have been super bored without you..."

He smiled. "No problem, Mitchy."



"You're squishing me." I said, my voice muffled by his shoulder.


On Thursday a nurse took me down the hall and I walked around for a good 20 minutes to get used to crutches. We received the good news that I could go home so we packed up my room and went to the pharmacy to pick up some prescription pain meds for me. The doctor recommended that I try and stay away from the meds because of how tiny I am, but I knew I would need them for the first couple of days. We checked out that evening and let me tell you, nothing beats stepping out of the ER after being there for 5 days.

As soon as we got home I plopped myself onto the couch and groaned. "My room is too far away."

"Sorry buddy. I can carry you." Mike offered.

I considered it. "Please? I want to shower."

Soon after a warm bath I was tucked into my bed, content for the first time in almost a week. I texted Alex and Kirst to let them know I was home and would see them Monday. I then opened my texts that I'd received from Scott about an hour ago.

Scotty: So you were right, strangers things is a great show. I'm OBSESSED.

Notice how Mitch changed Scott's name in his phone :)

I smiled. I had told Scott yesterday during one of our conversations about how I love that show and he probably would too because we had a lot in common.

Me: I knew you would! I'm home now btw.

Scotty: Well it's about time! How does your ankle feel?

Me: it's great, I still don't feel a thing.

Scotty: hey Mitchy?

Me: yeah?

Scotty: what are you doing this weekend?

Me: probably studying, idk. Why?

Scotty: want to go to Starbucks? You told me I need to try the green tea frap and I haven't yet, so would you do me the great honor of joining me for experiencing my first sip?

Me: Saturday?

Scotty: Ya :) 10?

Me: Ok sounds good.

Scotty: I'll pick you up.


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