Chapter 76

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What's new in my life?...


I haven't talked to Beau since the party.

The modeling job has been going great and I feel more confident and beautiful in myself than ever before. I never thought I would be able to go out on stage in front of thousands of people, especially when I used to suffer from stagefreight. 

I have been trying to convince Kirstie and Alex to come visit me. Kirstie agreed and was currently planning around her schedule for a visit, but Alex was currently in portugal studying abroad so I wouldn't be able to see him until next year. 

What else has happened?

Oh, yeah!

Candice had the baby, a healthy boy. 5 months in and they still haven't decided on a name yet but, apparently she didn't like the sound of "Kevin Jr." 

Hmm... anything else?

Well, Scott and I are friends again. Like, proper friends. 

We hang out all the time and it just feels natural. I can be completely myself around him and I never feel judged. It's a bittersweet feeling to have him back in my life but in such a different way than he once was. I wouldn't have it any other way, though. I don't think we've ever been happier around each other or as close (emotionally) as we are now. I would do anything for him and he always tells me he'd do anything for me.

I'm moving out of Candice and Kevin's place soon. Well, I'm planning to. Since the new baby is here I feel like it's time for me to get out of their hair. 

Plus, I've been apartment hunting with my new best friends from work, Niki and Gabi. They're hilarious, awesome, gorgeous twins and one of the best things that's happened to me since moving to LA. I don't know what I'd do without them. They've really helped me figure out the whole modeling thing and have supported me since day 1 when we met at that awful party Candice threw for me. (Which looking back on it now, was such a great idea and good way to introduce me to everyone.)

They are also really great listeners and give the best boy advice even though neither of them has a boyfriend. Crazy how that works, right? It's always the single ones that give the best dating advice.

It's thanks to them that I've moved on from Scott and found my new man. 

Oh I forgot to mention, Kyle and I are a thing now. Our 6-month anniversary is actually today and I have something very special planned for tonight. 

Don't worry, I'm really happy with him. He treats me so well and has made the move to LA so much easier for me. When I'm overwhelmed after a long or hard day of work, he brings me sweets and cuddles me until I feel better. When Candice and Kevin took the baby home the first night, Kyle came and picked me up at 3 AM so I could stay at his apartment and get some sleep away from all of the crying. 

For our 1-month anniversary, he got me a promise ring. He tells me that he already knows that I'm the man he's going to spend the rest of his life with.

I don't know if that's true or if I even feel the same way, but what I do know is that we're in love and it's better than anything I ever had with Josh. 

He actually values me as my own person and respects me. He treats me like a queen even though he's always upset that he doesn't have the money to pamper me. 

I make more money than him but he still likes to pay for our meals any chance he can get. 

He's just a whole-ass sweetheart and I can't wait to surprise him tonight. 

Life is going so well and I'm so happy. 

Just then, Kyle begins to stir awake. I gently massage his shoulder-blades. 

"Good morning, baby. Happy anniversary." I whisper, pecking the side of his earlobe. 

He lays there for awhile before turning to me with a smile. "I really wanna kiss you right now but I gotta brush my teeth."

I peck his lips anyway.

"I love you." he mumbles groggily. 

"Love you." I respond. 

"I can't wait to spend the day with you after work." He sighs, staring into my eyes.

My heart stops. 

"Work?" I question. "I didn't know you were working today..." 

"Yeah, I told you?" He says, his words almost sounding like a question. 

"No... you definitely didn't." I scoff. "We both agreed to take the day off, Kye. That's why I'm here right now instead of at the studio."

He sits up, rubbing his eyes. "Ohh yeahhh. I'm sorry, baby. I'mma make it up to you, tonight."

"Tonight? How long are you working today?!" I ask, beginning to feel annoyed. 

"I've got 2 photoshoots today and one is a wedding. I can try and rebook the first one and we can go out for breakfast, but I've gotta be at the venue by 12:30 and I really can't cancel on this bride. Especially not the day of the actual wedding. You have to understand, Mitch." 

I roll my eyes and get out of bed. "Whatever."

"Don't be mad, baby. It's our anniversary." He pouts.

He was right, I can't be mad over such a small thing like going to work just because of one day. It still hurt though, that he obviously forgot about our 6-month anniversary.

I know, I know. It isn't even our 1 year and today is just one day. We can show each other how much we love each other on any day. 

But, we've planned today for weeks and it was his initial idea to celebrate 6-months in the first place. 

Oh well, I'm sure it was just an honest mistake on his end. 

"You're right. I'm gonna go hop in the shower really quick." I respond lazily. 


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