Chapter 40 (pt.2)

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(Make sure to read part 1 first!) 

Next chapter will be in Mitchy's POV! 

And wow, I enjoyed writing this chapter a lot. Hope you enjoy it. :) <3


I was now sitting in Avi's mustang that he left for me when he moved to LA to pursue his singing career. Mitch was sitting in the passengers seat beside me snacking on some of the food we were sharing since I disrupted his lunch.

We were discussing him being back in choir and the promise I made to Avi about graduating this year so I could go to college next year.

"I believe in you too, you know. It's not just Avi." Mitch said sincerely.

"I know you do, and thank you. It's just really difficult trying to catch up and stuff."

"I can help, y'know... I say for the millionth time." He sassed.

I sigh. "One day I'll give in. For now I'm just trying to do this on my own."

Mitch frowned. "You know, you don't always have to fight your battles alone. I know you kind of had to before the Kaplans took you in, and sure it takes a lot of strength to be able to, but what is strength if you don't have anyone to revitalize you when you inevitably get weak?"

I just stared at him in amazement. He was right. I was mentally battling with myself on just leaning in and kissing him but I had to respect the fact that he didn't want to date me right now, so instead I settled with saying "You seem very fond of Avi."

I don't know why I said it, my brain must have been juggling the many emotions he's been bringing out in me lately with jealousy on the forefront. 

Mitch raised a questioning brow at me. "Well, he is quite charming, I'll give you that. Must be a Kaplan thing though, because you're also very charming."

He didn't deny what I said so I just nodded and tried to distract myself by seeking through the cars radio stations.

"Scott..." Mitch said after a few minutes of just watching me mess with the radio.

"Hm?" I respond grumpily.

He chuckles then. "You have nothing to be jealous about. I don't like your brother. Well, I definitely like your brother but..." He sighs.

Now I raised a brow at him.

"Scott, I don't like your brother like that. I enjoy his company and his mentoring, and-and... he's my friend. But my heart is already with somebody else."

I didn't think it was possible for Mitch to break my heart more than he already had when he rejected me.

"So who then? Is it Alex? I see the way you look at each other."

"What?! God, no. Scott, really? Alex? He's my best friend and I would never ever date him ever. We're seriously just friends. It would feel like incest if I ever did anything with him like that."

I let out a breath of relief. "Oh."

"You're so anxious right now, Scott. Why?" Mitch asks gently, turning to face me completely as though he were giving me his full attention and letting me know that I can be vulnerable.

"Well, after you said you need time before we could be together I- well, I guess it's just hard for me to see you with other guys, let alone my own brother, when I'm trying to... w-when I'm trying to win your heart."

Mitch snorts and rolls his eyes. "You big dumby..."

My face twists into confusion and before I can respond his lips are on mine.

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