Chapter 14

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I'm back! Expect a lot of updates this week. :) 

I woke up to the sun burning through my eyelids from the hospital room window. I stirred around and groaned.

"Oh, you're awake Mitchell."

"Good morning Dr. Coleman."

She gave me a warm smile. "Your parents went down to get you some breakfast. They should be heading back In a bit."

"Okay, thank you for letting me know."

Dr. Coleman is probably the nicest doctor I've met. She seems so enthusiastic about her job.

"No worries. How are you feeling about the big day tomorrow?"

"I don't know... I've never had a surgery before... I've never even been hospitalized before."

"Don't be nervous. We'll put you to sleep and you won't feel a thing, then you'll wake up and 'ta-dah!' your ankle will be all fixed up and you'll be back to walking in no time."

I smiled at her. "That doesn't sound so bad... Thanks doc."

She flashed me a smile on her way out the door. "No problem!"


The rest of Monday was spent with me studying on my laptop and texting Kirst and Alex in our group chat on facebook.

'Captain Kirk, Thirsty Kirstie & The Quaint'

Thirsty Kirstie: Missed u in class today bby :( how r u feeling?

Me: I'm okay. Just feeling really bored... Wanna go home.

Captain Kirk: When can I come see you?

Me: Well, my surgery is tomorrow...

Should I tell him to come Wednesday? But Scott was coming Wednesday to "practice", as I told my parents. They didn't know we were just going to hang out.

Captain Kirk: How about Wednesday?

Well, Alex doesn't really like Scott all that much and he would kill me if I told him Scott was coming.

Me: I have family coming over Wednesday. Thursday if I'm still stuck here?

Captain Kirk: Yeah okay, I hope you get out before then though. We miss you. ❤️

Thirsty Kirstie: One day more didn't sound amazing without you, today. :(

Me: Aww, Kirst.

Thirsty Kirstie: No, really. And Scott wasn't in class either so it sounded so weird without y'all. Like, it was just missing something. Mrs. C seemed stressed out today.

Scott was skipping classes again? I'm not sure why that was bothering me so much because it's not my problem, but how can somebody skip that many classes every day and have a bad reputation for skipping g but not have the lowest GPA in existence? NOT YOUR BUSINESS, MITCH. Ok. But why choir? He's good at choir so he doesn't need to worry about grades in that class. Hmm...

Me: I'll be back ASAP... In crutches, but back nonetheless. Miss you both so much.

Thirsty Kirstie: love and miss you, queen.

Captain Kirk: Miss you too, hunty. ❤️❤️❤️


Tuesday morning mom and Mike woke me with breakfast, which was water... My surgery was scheduled for early in the afternoon so the night before I was told I couldn't eat after 12 AM because I would be given anesthesia. It had been a good 12 hours since I'd last eaten and I was getting cranky.

"Mitchell, your surgery is in 2 hours. Stop complaining. Don't you want to be able to walk ever again?" She scolded.

"Yes mother..." I grumbled.

All I remember before my surgery really was just getting an IV put into my arm before I black out. I woke up numb and groggy. I couldn't feel anything from the waist down.

Mom and Mike were in a corner of my room discussing something that by the tone of their voices must have been serious when mom notices I'm awake and rushes over. "He's awake, Mike!"

"Hey kid, how are you?" Mike asked

"Hey guys... Thirsty." I reply.

Mom eventually hands me a plastic cup of water before I attempt to take a drink and spill it all over my chest. Although in my defense, the cup was REALLY heavy.

Mike laughs and mom scolds Him.

Why was he laughing at me? I pouted. "You're making fun of me..."

"I'm sorry, son. Let me help you."

After some help I feel content and lay back down lazily.

I suddenly jump up as realization hits me. "Where Kirstie?" I want Kirstie."

Mom chuckles. "Kirstie isn't here right now sweetie. You can FaceTime her if you'd like."

"FaceTime? What's that? Is that like when you hold a watch up to your face to get the time?"

I didn't even know what I was talking about, but I was suddenly really happy.

"No, Mitchell. FaceTime is on your phone."

My phone? I wanted to talk to my friends so I grabbed my phone from my end table and tapped my notifications.

Bad boy: Hey Mitchy. :) If you're reading this that means you're out of surgery! Yay! How are you feeling?

I scanned over the words before typing out my reply.

Me: Hi. I really miss gut s kit and I want to go come and visitor me so I'm not bored with mom and Maine.

I giggled at my phone screen before my phone slipped out of my hand. Mom rushed to pick it up. "Be careful, sweetie!" She took a long look at my phone for a REALLY long time.

"Give it back!" I whined. "Give it back NOW mommy!"

I felt myself start to tear up.

"Shh, it's okay sweetie. Don't cry. Here you go."

All I remember was seeing a hand reach out toward me before I fell back to sleep.


Who else loves drugged Mitch? Lol

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