Chapter 5

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*Aaaand, we're back! 

Everything was going according to plan. Mom got me enrolled in choir and as part of our deal I was to remain on my best behavior and do some "bonding" with dad over the weekend. Of course being Texans, we opted on going for a 2 day hunting trip. It was the closest thing I would get to a vacation and it would make mom happy. The hunting trip was quite an experience and needless to say, I won't be hunting again. I was flimsy with a rifle and didn't want to hurt any of the deer so I just ended up watching dad and (reluctantly) helping clean venison from his "prize worthy" catch. If the trip was mean't to help me "man-up" it did the exact opposite. Dad seemed quite pleased though and I had to just roll with it for my own sake.

Kirstie was getting back from vacation this week just as Alex was about to leave for vacation so the three of us decided to hang out together this weekend. I didn't tell mom or Mike that Alex would be there in case mom let it slip or Mike said no.

The three of us spent the evening together Friday at Alex's house while his parents were out, leaving the house to ourselves. This of course resulted in raiding the fridge and watching inappropriate movies. After we got bored of junk food and (terrible) films, we had a dance-off to some old 80's dance music in the living room. I was having a wonderful evening and it was nice to be away from my parents and house for a bit. I think Kirstie could sense my comfort because she and Alex randomly stopped dancing, turned down the music and asked me how I was feeling. I must have been pretty out of it for them to notice.

"I'm great. I've just missed you a lot while you were away, Kirst..."

She giggled. "Aw! I missed you too Mitchie."

We shared a little embrace and it felt good to have Kirstie in my arms again.

"Hey, what about me?"

"Get in here Alex" I laughed. He then towered over us both and squeezed tight.

"Ow! You're going to crush little Mitchie..." Kirst said with a frown.

"Sorry Kirstie! Guess I did recognize my own strength." He chuckled at his own joke like he always tended to. "Also, I wouldn't ever hurt Mitchoo."

"I know you wouldn't, Al." I smiled.

He smiled back at me and looked at his feet.

"Aw, you two are adorable!" Kirstie exclaimed. "I can't wait until we're all in choir together next week!"

Woah, only a week and 3 days until school starts? "Only 10 days until school starts..."

"It'll be your first first day of school!" Kirstie laughed at the thought but Alex seemed very tuned-in to me.

"Don't worry Mitch. You'll have me and Kirstie. Plus choir kids are the best, you'll make a lot of new friends."

How could he always tell how I was feeling? "Thanks Allie..."

"It's like you can read his mind, Alex. It's kinda creepy. I can't even read his mind all of the time and I'm his best friend!"

"Well maybe I'm his best best friend!"

I laughed at my friends and sighed in content. I love these dorks so much...


The days leading up to school were uneventful. I texted Kirst and Alex a lot and did some singing with my free time. My mom (crept on) heard me singing one night in my room and scared me when I turned and saw her in my doorway.

"Mitchell..." She was in tears.

"Oh my goodness mother! Please don't do that to me."

"I'm sorry. It's just... Your voice... I've never heard you sing solo before. It's beautiful!"

"Thanks..." I suddenly felt shy. "You don't have to cry though."

"You're going to do amazing things in choir Mitch." She wiped away more tears as they fell.

"Thanks..." I was staring down at my shoes. "Can you go now or something?"

"Sorry, I'll leave you alone for now. It's getting late. Remember you have choir at 11:32 tomorrow and your dad will be dropping you off. Goodnight sweetheart."

"Night mama. I love you."

"I love you too."


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