Chapter 8

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Hey guys! Happy Wednesday :) 

Tuesday night after finishing up some studying I facetimed Kirstie for a bit.

We discussed the day's events and I found out who Kirstie's mentor is.

"Really? Sorry you didn't get a cute boy." I pouted.

"Mitch! I'm so sad! I'm stuck with Justine and her perfect hair. She's a boy magnet and I'm so jealous."

"Don't be jealous Kirst, you've still got me. And Alex too."

Kirst scoffed. "Easy for you to say. You got 'Scottie the Hottie', 'Mr. right', 'Blonde and Beautiful.'"

I rolled my eyes." Would you like to trade or something?"

"Trade? No way! What kind of friend would I be to separate Scomiche?"


"Don't ask. Esther came up with it. According to her, 'Scottie the Hottie' has got the hots... For you." She giggled.

"Wha-what?" I furrow my brows, genuinely confused.

"Esther says he thought you were so cute when you were introducing yourself yesterday, and then she said that when he found out that he's your mentor he got so excited."

I felt my heartbeat quicken at Kirstie's words.

"What else did she say?"

"Something about how she's never seen him act all giddy over a guy before. That he's only dated girls."

"Oh god Kirst, well thanks for getting me all excited over a straight boy." I fake pout.

"Shut up, there's no way he's straight if what Esther says is true."

"Well either way... You shouldn't be telling me any of this. He's way out of my league."

"Mitch! Don't you dare say that!"

"No, really. He is. You and Alex told me that everyone has a crush on him because he's so popular and he's a bad boy and this is his 5th year in high school and he-"

"-Those are just rumors Mitch, you can't possibly think all of that is-"

"-It doesn't matter if it's a rumor though. He's out of my league and probably not a very good influence."

"Oh, so you're gonna be that way. You don't even know him, Mitch. Stop being so judgmental. If a guy that popular thought I was cute I would feel honored!"

"Well why should I feel honored if I don't even KNOW him? He could be a jerk!"

"He wasn't a jerk to YOU. Need I remind you? 'Bye guys. Mitch'" She quoted in her best Scott impression. "I know we've only been at Martin for two days, but I haven't seen anything awful from him. He's always funny in choir."

"Whatever Kirst... I'm getting tired. Can we change the subject or hang up?"

"Oh... Sorry for boring the queen..."

And she hung up.


The next day I was anxious, and not for class. I think I finally managed to get over the nervous feeling from being in a new environment but the way Kirstie and I ended things last night was really bothering me. All this morning I worried about her not talking to me today and the thought made me want to cry. Kirstie has been my best friend for almost a decade and we hardly ever fight. It was a stupid argument (if you'd like to call it that) in the first place, so maybe we would be okay...

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