Chapter 56

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The following weeks I'm in a pretty great mood after the events of homecoming and just hanging out around my friends more. 

Nicole started catching on to Scott and I's relationship, and apparently the whole school was beginning to as well. 

It was at times like this where I was happy to be home schooled and not have to deal with any of that, but that unfortunately meant Scott would be dealing with it all on his own. Luckily enough though, Kirst promise me should would look out for him and have his back if anything dramatic happened. 

So when Jeremy and Ben started to question Scott's sexuality based off of rumors, asking him if he's a "fag", she apparently called Jeremy an asshole and broke up with him. 

I felt bad for Kirst and a little responsible for the end of her relationship with Jeremy, but she was fine and assured me they wouldn't have lasted long anyway. 

I invite Scott over one day and help him study a little before we snuggle into my bed and start a movie. It had been almost a total of 6 days since I'd last seen him and he told me he was super stressed about work and school, so I invited him over to make him feel better. He would have done the same for me and I wanted to be the best boyfriend for him because he deserved it so much.

I paused the movie when Scott buried he face into my shoulder. 

I poked his face. "Hey, wake up Mr. There's like 20 minutes left." 

"But I'm exhausted." He yawns sleepily. 

"It's early though."




"Fine." I turn the television off.

"Don't be mad." He pouts.

"I'm not mad, silly. I'm just..." I sigh. "I'm worried about you. You seem stressed out and I just wanted to make you feel better because you've been helping me feel better a lot lately."

He smiles a little. "Aw, well I appreciate that babe. And you've probably been helping me way more than I help you. I've become a different person, for the better, since meeting you.  I'm just sorta stressed with school and my new job, but you know that already. It's honestly not that bad." 

I nod. "That first part was debatable, but alright. So what's up then?"

"I, uh... It's just p-personal stuff that's got me exhausted."

I look down at him but he won't look up at me, so i lay down and face him on the pillow before he finally looks at me.

He eyes nearly make me forget what I'm about to say, but damn it I've gotta focus right now. This is important.

I brush his blonde hair out of his face. "Are you referring to Ben and Jeremy, honey?"

"What? No. Fuck them. If they're going to treat me different because of the possibility of me being a homosexual, then I don't need them in my life."

I nod in agreement. "Good, I'm glad you realize they're not worth it."

"Mhm. Besides, I like your friends way better and I've been hanging out with Mario and his friends a lot more lately."

I grin at that. "Really? Yay! I like Mario and I like whenever you two hang out, so that's really awesome to hear."

"Yeah, I've felt happier since surrounding myself with new friend groups. I can't wait for you to hang out with us, too. All of Mario's friends are dying to meet you."

My heartbeat picks up. "You... told Mario's friends about us?"

Scott quickly shakes his head. "Nah, that was all Mario with his big mouth. But it's okay, they're really cool. And most of them are part of the LGBTQ+ community as well." 

"Oh, that's actually really cool." I sigh in relief. 

"Yeah, we usually go to bars and stuff but I think you might be too young to get by with a fake ID, so next time we all do something like a movie night together, you'll have to come."

"Okay, sounds like fun honey." I try to read his facial expression. "So, if it's not Ben and Jeremy, or school or work... What's wrong? Please be honest with me."

"We said we won't lie to each other." I add timidly. 

I've been being 100% honest with Scott, and I trusted that he was being the same with me too, but he still hasn't told me his real age. I decided to listen to Mario, who told me not to let it get in the way of what we have and to wait until he's ready.

 Kirstie, however, wanted me to confront him and demand for him to fess up. Something in my heart told me that that wouldn't be such a great idea though. No matter how difficult it was to act like I wasn't bothered at all. 

"I know, and I have been." He replies, and I want to roll my eyes. 

"Well, I haven't been in the past." He corrects, breaking eye contact again. "But this is like... just family drama you know? There's a Kaplan family reunion coming up and those always stress me out because I'm not-- I don't feel like I'm actually a part of their family. I don't have a real family, you know? Ugh, how could you possibly know? Sorry, I'm probably not making any sense."

My heart broke at his words. He must have been feeling tired and lonely, especially with the holidays coming up in a few months. I decided not to get offended by him implying I wouldn't understand what  he's going through, because he was clearly not in the best spirits and just upset.

"Of course I understand what you're talking about." I say calmly.  "I couldn't even have a proper conversation with Mike until just recently, and I know that's not the same as your situation but I don't quite have the perfect family either. But the thing about families, honey, is that they aren't meant to be perfect. They just... are. They are perfectly imperfect, y'know?"

He quickly meets my eyes. "I guess I never thought of it like that," He admits with a thoughtful look on his face. "thanks for saying that." 

"You're welcome." I reply quietly, pecking Scott's forehead. "Now sleep, tired boy. I'll wake you up before your work shift starts, but you just need to relax okay? It'll make you feel better."

"Agreed. Thank you so much, my love." He says, closing his eyes and snuggling into the blanket I had draped over us earlier. 

"It's my pleasure, baby." I grin. 

I lay with him for a while and run a calming hand through his hair as he falls asleep and eventually head into the kitchen to make him something to eat when he wakes up to go to his night shift at work. 

I was proud of him for finding a new job at the 24-hour gym and working so hard between balancing school and everything, but he was overworking himself and need a break.

I would make sure he's alright. 


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