Chapter 48

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After linking up with Kirstin and Alex again, we all danced together with Scott's friends (Who just so happened to be some of the most popular kids from school). The three of us had never been to a party like this before so Kirst and Alex were loving it.

I not-so-expectedly found myself having a lot of fun and instantly felt less nervous in the company of my two best friends.

Kirst and Alex even did a little karaoke, but unfortunately I was too nervous around all of Scott's friends, so I chickened out.

I noticed that Alex was acting weird around me. He kept touching me and bordering on flirty. I almost wondered if he had been drinking, but Scott said there was no alcohol at his party because pretty much everyone there was a minor.

When I asked Kirstie if she noticed his behavior she just started laughing and shrugged at me. She was being coy and I had to remember to ask her about it later. She clearly knew something that I didn't know.

After everyone had left, I stayed for a bit to help Esther clean up and spend time with the birthday boy.

Once everything was cleaned and put back in it's proper place, and Esther had run off to bed, I decided that I wanted to lay in the hammock I discovered earlier in the backyard.

That's how Scott and I ended up cuddled up in a hammock together, whispering into the mostly quiet night.

We were going back-and-forth between answering questions about ourselves from the other, and it was my turn to ask him something again.

"Hm..." I hummed. "Why did-- Why had you never talked to me about Mario?" I asked timidly, looking deep into Scott's blue eyes. We were facing each other in the hammock.

He pulled me close, our noses almost touching, as he hummed in thought.

I watched as his relaxed expression became a little tense.

"It's not a fun story. Are you sure you want to hear about it?"

If it was going to be sad, I probably wouldn't positively benefit from hearing about it. But it was Scott, and I wanted to know any and everything about him, so I nodded yes.

"Well... Mario, Avi and I have been friends since we were really little. Like, back when my- my umm... m-mom was still around."

My face immediately dropped and Scott broke his eye contact away from me.

I placed a hand to his face in what I hoped to be a comforting way. "Keep going." I encouraged gently.

He still wouldn't look at me, but nodded his head.

"He reminds me of her." He says simply, after much thought.

I rubbed my thumb along his cheekbone. "Of your mom, baby?" I ask softly, trying to mask my sadness.

I didn't want to make him feel worse by giving him pity, so I just tried to comfort and encourage him instead.

He nods again.

When he doesn't respond I figure he wants me to drop it. But I want him to tell me, so I keep pushing it.

"How does he remind you of your mom?" I ask, moving the hand I had on his face into his messy blonde locks; running my fingers through softly and slowly.

He sighs, slipping his eyes shut. "That feels good. But, I don't-he's just...Like, he shouldn't remind me of her. But he does."

I frown a little. "I don't understand, Scotty. You m-"

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