Chapter 69

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@MitchGrassi: So excited to head back to LA!!! What types of videos would you guys like to see along with LA vlogs? I might do a meet and greet, too! <3 Reply if you would come. 

I post my tweet and let out a huge sigh of relief. I guess it's official now, I'm going to LA tomorrow. 

I had finally agreed to let Scott show me around after realizing that what I had done to him last time was exactly what he'd done to me when we first broke up. 

I mean he still deserved it, thinking he could get me back into his life so easily after being a dick for 3 years...

Still though, agreeing to meet up with him in LA and then giving him the could shoulder the whole time I was there wasn't cool. But, maybe it was the revenge I needed before I could fully forgive him and be his friend again.

He must've known I was just giving him a taste of his own medicine, because afterwards (even if it was a month later) he still sent me a voicemail message asking if I'm still interested in hanging out for a week in LA with him as my "personal tour guide."

Clearly I said yes, and now here I am 2 weeks later with a flight booked to LAX and 2 lugagge bags fully stocked with my designer clothes and shoes.

Now, I know what you're asking; "Why would you go hang out with Scott?! He was awful to you!" 

Well, It would be smart for me to visit LA once more before officially accepting the job. I still needed to find an area to live since Candice would be expecting me to start in 4 months. 

And of course, as much as I hate to admit it, part of me really is looking forward to seeing Scott again. I need to surround myself with people like my Parents, Kirstie, Alex, Esther and my other friends who completely supported me moving to LA (unlike Joshua). And Scott was arguably my biggest cheerleader since the day he found out about my job offer and texted me. 

Scott was so supportive of me and really sweet when he didn't at all have to be. I mean, the guy offered to buy my plane ticket for me. 

Of course I wouldn't let him, so I said he could just pick me up from the airport when I arrive and drop me off at Candice's place.

Speaking of Candice, I really need to call her and let her know when I should be arriving tomorrow evening. 

She misses the first call but calls me back less than a minute later. 

"Mitch Grassi! How are you, gem? Sorry I missed you just then, I'm doing some last-minute packing."

"Oh, where are you off to today?" I ask curiously. 

"Yes, I was just about to call you actually." She responds, not answering my question. "Um, I had a last-minute business trip pop up and I absolutely cannot miss it. I'm leaving for Spain tonight to fill-in as a judge for a week-long beauty paegant." 

I instantly begin to freak out. Candice was the only real friend I had in LA and if she wouldn't be there, I would have no place to stay and be alone in some hotel all week. 

I'm shocked and want to tell her off, but also don't want to say anything rude to my future boss and friend. "O-oh... wel,l I understand that you're busy. I'll just find a hotel to stay at?" I say  almost as if asking her what I should do.

Candice snorts. "What do you mean, a hotel? No. My assistant Paul will still be there, he can let you in. No problem."

I didn't do well with strangers and the thought of being alone at Candice's place with this "Paul" character made me feel sick. 

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