Chapter 25

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Hey Queens! Last update for the day :( BUT- next chapter is really going to get IN to the story, so it will be really exciting! I'll be posting a lot more #soon ;)


The next day I made sure to attend my 1st period, bring homework to my 2nd period, and pay attention in my 3rd period.

I know that's all stuff that normal people do on a daily basis in school, but if you're an otherwise insanely uninterested, unmotivated guy like me, you'd know why my day felt like it had been going on for 10 hours when in reality it had only been about 3. The only thing keeping me sane right now was the thought of my next class being choir.


I audibly gasped in my 3rd period, a few kids taking notice and giving me weird looks, but I didn't care. No one would ever mess with me because of my reputation. I digress...


Auditions for Les Miserables were TOMORROW and I had completely forgotten with everything that happened yesterday. And then I suddenly remembered...

Mitch. Audition. I was supposed to listen to his Phantom Of The Opera audition song before the audition. I was supposed to listen to it YESTERDAY.

As soon as the bell rang I sprinted out of my seat, Mr. Gallagher of course taking notice.

On the way to get Esther to walk with her to choir I was of course bombarded by desperate, needy, annoying girls. It's really no wonder I'm gay, these girls are all awful with their miniskirts and caked on makeup.

It's too bad I'm closeted, or they would probably leave me the hell alone.

"Scott Hoying!" One of the girls (Summer maybe?) said, running up to me with some of her friends.

Summer had long brown hair, hazel eyes, tanned skin and a VERY tight shirt on. She was pretty, I just wasn't interested in girls. Summer was also a cheerleader and (I think) ex-girlfriend of mine.

"Hi." I replied shortly.

"Don't be that way, baby. I miss us! We don't talk anymore." (A/N: We don't talk anymore! We don't talk anymore! We don't talk anymore like we used tooo dooooo. Lol okay, sorry. Bye.)

Summer gave me an obnoxious pout and I rolled my eyes as her friends started asking me all sorts of questions.

"Y'all were cute! Why'd you break up with her?"

"Don't you want to take her to senior prom in the spring?"

"Would you date me if you aren't gonna date her, Scotty?!"

"Were you just using her for sex?"

I cringed at that last question. Not because I couldn't fathom being with a girl like that, but because I had been with multiple girls like that and never enjoyed it.

I ignored them and waited on Esther. When she finally walked out of her class room I gestured for her to hurry as we made our way to Ms. C's choir room.


Ms. C ended class earlier than normal to give announcements about the audition tomorrow. "I have the sign up sheet and it looks like we're going to have a great turnout. Please just, be prepared okay? If you have any last-minute preparations yet to be made than I'm sorry, but it's too late. I know I've said this multiple times, but you know who's going to be judging you tomorrow. I don't want you to embarrass yourself. Understood?"

Everyone nodded and voiced their agreements as I turned to Esther. We were both thinking the same thing: Avi was coming home tonight to judge auditions tomorrow.

After Ms. C dismissed us I let Esther know I was going to catch up with Mitch. She smirked but didn't say anything out of what I assumed fear of making me mad. Good on her.

Mitch was laughing at something with Kirstie and Alex and I smiled at his little dimples, just staring across the room admiring him.

Just as I was about to begin walking over, he turned his head and met my eyes. I immediately looked away.

Crap. He caught you staring.

He said something to Kirstie and Alex before they shrugged, leaving the classroom. He then turned to me again and smiled, a light blush on his cheeks. He looked beautiful, and I felt like I could have been blushing at the sight as I made my way over.

"You see something you liked?" He teased, nudging me in the side with his elbow.  Now I was certain I was blushing.

"Someone." I corrected, earning a cute giggle from Mitch.

"Hi." He smiled, dimples on display.

"I think you're an actual angel." I admitted.

He looked at his shoes, hiding his blush. I smirked. Mission accomplished!

"So Mitchy," I started after a short silence between us two. "I came over here not only because I think you're a perfect angel, but also because I wanted to apologize."

His head shot up and he looked into my eyes. "Apologize? Why?" He said timidly.

"Because, I was supposed to listen to your audition song yesterday and I had just completely forgotten because of everything." I sighed.

He smiled adorably. "That's okay Scottie. I was going to remind you last night but I know yesterday was difficult for you. Maybe I can just sing it for you somewhere during lunch?"

Now I was smiling, too. "I know the perfect place."


Mitch told his friends where we were going, Kirstie smiling and saying "okay" while Alex rolled his eyes, folding his arms across his chest. I get a feeling he doesn't like me very much...

I led Mitch to my motorcycle in the school's back parking lot as we made random small talk mostly about tomorrow's auditions.

"Woah, do you have your own parking spot?!" Mitch exclaimed as we got there.

He's observant. "Yeah, I park here everyday. It's got my name under it but you can't see with the bike there."

His face lit up. "Really?!"

I just laughed. "No, you donut. It doesn't have my freaking name on it! But it is my parking spot."

He pouted jokingly "You're a mean liar."

I knew he was joking yet I still felt incredibly guilty. He has no idea how many things I've told him that are lies. Things I've said in order to protect myself.

But what exactly am I protecting myself from? He did say he's just my friend. I shook those thoughts away as I pulled up the YouTube app on my smartphone.

Once I found audio for Music Of The Night, I sat on the same curb we sat on the day prior, Mitch remaining standing. My heartbeat grew faster as the introduction played, knowing what was coming next I braced myself for the beauty and perfection that is Mitch Grassi.


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