Chapter 41

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Welcome back to Mitchy's POV!

I'm getting so many ideas for this book and I have been feeling creative, so I will be updating very frequently! Stick around and add this story to your libraries to get updates. :)

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I can't believe that I actually have a boyfriend! And not just any boy... It's Scott Hoying! The boy that I've been crushing on since school started. 

He's my first boyfriend...

He's my first real kiss...

God, he's such a good kisser.

I lay on my bed that night after dinner daydreaming about the days events. Scott and his lips, our make out session in his mustang earlier. 

I squealed into my pillow, muffling the sound from mom and Mike. 

I wanted to tell the world that Scott is my boyfriend, but we had mutually agreed to keep it a secret for a while, just to test the waters until we felt more comfortable.

However, there was no way I could keep this from Kirstie because 1. She's like my sister and 2. It would take one glance at us for her to realize that we're together and start asking me about it, and I don't think I would be able to lie to her face.

We also agreed to tell Esther and maybe some other close friends that wouldn't out us to the whole school or be unsupportive. 

Earlier I told Kirstie to call me later so we can talk, and I told her it was urgent, so she should be calling me soon.

I pick up my phone to check on her when I notice that she's already texted me numerous times.

Why was she texting me from our group chat with Alex though? 

I scroll through all of my notifications without really reading anything when I realize that I have a lot of texts. Like, too many for somebody like me that has a very small circle of friends.

Kirst, Alex, Me (72 unread)

Boyfriend <3 (5 unread)

Avi Kaplan (1 unread)

Nicole (12 unread)

Naomi (3 unread)

Kate (7 unread)

Jake (2 unread)

Esther (20 unread)

"Woah. What?" I say to myself, unlocking my phone and opening up my group chat with Kirstie and Alex first.

Kirst: Mitch! Oh my god!!! When were you going to tell me that you recorded a video with aVi KaPlAn??!?!?! WTF

Alex: I'm so shook that I can't breathe rn

Kirst: Ikr! I actually started crying after I watched it and read lots of nice comments about Mitchie

Alex: I BAWLED my eyes out girl! He's so amazing and now everyone gets to see.

Kirst: I'm so happy but also idk how to feel.


Kirst: Why didn't you tell us?!

I read through a few before hopping off of my bed and sprinting over to my laptop, quickly pulling up youtube.

I search "Avi Kaplan" and the first result is his newest video of us:

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