Chapter 79

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Not sure if I love how this turned out quite yet or if it's how I want it to be. *MIGHT DELETE IT LATER*

Nevertheless, hello again. :) 

I would like to acknowledge that this chapter was expedited for my lovely reader @MitchsBish <3 



Somehow, but not hesitantly, I ended up right where Mitch wanted me. Who was I kidding? He had me wrapped around his fingertip since the moment I first lay eyes on him in high school. We've both changed and grown so much since then, in more ways than I imagined. What I've noticed about Mitch since high school is that he's far more confident now, which makes him more sassy... and sexy. Aparently his confidence didn't stop at modeling or being in the public eye. It also meant he was more confident in the bedroom, which I was not at all prepared for.

Was this the same boy whose virginity I took the night before moving to California and subsequently blocking him out of my life? I would never forget that night. I knew that once I left texas I probably wouldn't ever see Mitch again, so I finally agreed to go all the way with him. 

He had been suggesting it shyly for weeks, and the main reason why I couldn't give in (albeit I really wanted to) was because he was so shy about it. I wanted him to be absolutely certain that it's what he wanted. And this time around, he sounded more than sure and I couldn't possibly resist. 

Of course I'd had dreams for months since Mitch's arrival in LA about us being together intimately, but I wasn't sure it would actually happen given Mitch was just in a relationship with another man and I was "best-friend-zoned" to hell. 

I could have lived life contently watching Mitch be happy with somebody else because his hapiness is what keeps me going, but now that I get to live life watching Mitch be happy with me... I can finally call him mine again. I can kiss him, touch him at will. I can please him, and he can please me. We can be happy together. 

My thoughts along with the pleasures sparking through my body began to consume me.

I let out a groan as I sink myself deeper inside of Mitch. He arches his back and turns his head back towards me.

"More," he gasps, his bottom lip tight between his teeth. "give it to me, baby."

He already came so I was expecting him to be tired by now. I didn't want to hurt him, he was so small and seemed so fragile. 

I slow down to a complete stop and he begins to beg. "What'reyoudoing?! Don't stop!"

He fucks himself on my cock desperately as I don't move a muscle. After a couple minutes of enjoying the view and watching his desperation (in slight shock), I grab his hips to stop his movement.

He lets out a frustrated yell. "Scott, what the hell?! I was getting close again and you-"

"-Stop!" I demand firmly. 

"You don't tell me what to do, got it? Your ass belongs to me and I will fuck it how I please." I grab a fist full of his hair and roughly push his head face-down into my bed-matress beneath us. 

I observe his reaction for a moment. I could see his arms cover up in goosebumps and the rate of his breathing slow down. He liked it. He wanted to be dominated.

"Mitchy," I breathe out, still trying to catch my breath. "If you want me to stop what I'm about to do to you, you must say "red". Otherwise, I'm going to do with you as I please. Do you understand, cutie?"

He nods frantically. "Yes, oh my fuck, yes. Please please please do with me as you want. Do whatever you please, just please don't stop yet." 

I smirk. Now I've got him where I want him.  

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