Chapter 19

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Good night 😊 I loved writing this chapter

Scott and I were now leaving Starbucks after spending a good hour there just enjoying our beverages and each other's company.

"So, I think your mom said I could have you until 6, correct?" Scott asked as we made our way back to his car.

I was confused for a few seconds until I realized he was referring to Kirstie. I chucked. "Correct."

"Good. You'll let me know if you get tired of me before then and wanna go home?"

I didn't foresee myself getting tired of him anytime soon, but I nodded.

"Okay. What do you wanna do next?" He asked.

I really thought about it but couldn't quite come up with anything. "Um, I don't know. We could just go on a walk for a bit so I don't feel guilty about that Starbucks I just had."

He laughed. "You sure you wanna do that in your crutches?" He asked, gesturing towards me and my crutches.

"Mean. Don't make fun of me." I said simply.

"Okay, sorry. We can do that. I know of a nice park and we can come up with something else to do while we're there too, c'mon." He said, opening my door for me and helping me with my ankle.

Once we were seated Scott started the car and offered to let me choose music while he was busy driving. I of course accepted that offer and was pleasantly surprised to see 'ANTI' by Rihanna in Scott's albums. I chose that and he smiled when he heard the track 'Desperado' start to play.

"Good choice. You've got an excellent taste in music."

"You think so? Then you should follow me on Spotify." I giggled.

"I might." He smiled.

I bit my bottom lip. His smile gives me butterflies deep in my stomach and the feeling is terrifying, yet exhilarating. This whole morning so far had been exhilarating. I felt weird being around this new person in a new environment (being his car) but I somehow felt comfortable. I'm the most quiet, introverted being ever but somehow I'm opening up to Scott really fast, and it's actually quite scary. What if I'm letting my walls down and end up getting hurt? Scott isn't the kind of person who would hurt me though. I don't know how I know, but I do. Everyone says he's a jerk or a bad boy, but he's been nothing but a big teddy bear.

"Scotty?" I asked between songs, staring at his face. He was concentrated on driving and wasn't paying any attention to me at all, so I could stare at his perfect face as much I as I wanted to without getting caught.

"Yes Mitchy?"

"How far away is this park?"

"We're about twenty more minutes away. Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm great."

"Let me know if you need anything, okay?"

I nodded although he was looking at the road and didn't see it.

I decided to check in with Kirstie for the rest of the drive to pass time.

Kirst: So he's actually planning on keeping you until 6?! OMG!!! MITCH!!!

Me: Only because you said it though

Kirst: He liiiiikes you ;)

Me: Go away you big oaf.


Scott and I finally made it to the park he was telling me about and wow, now I understood why he drove 40 minutes out here. It wasn't just a park, it was a beautiful botanical garden.

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