Chapter 33

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I'm alive! This chapter is posted per the request of FluffehMCFluffBunz ❤


"R-really?!" Mitch squealed, standing up but still holding my hand. "Oh my God, yes!"

I giggled. "You're so cute." 

"I'm so excited!" He stated before sitting back down. " I-I've never been to a party before..." 

I gasped slightly, confusion spreading over my face. "Never? Surely a friend has invited you out to a party before..." 

"Nope." He said, popping the 'P'. "My parents would literally kill me if I went to a party, so whenever I get invited I've always had to come up with an excuse to not go."

"Oh... Will you be able to go to this one?"

"I'll definitely be there." 

"Someone's desperate." I joked. 

"Shut up, you're the one who invited me of all people to be your date" 

"Are you kidding me? I'm the luckiest guy to have you as my date." 

He just laughed. "Can we watch tv?"

"Yeah, I've got Netflix" I said, finally releasing Mitch's hand and grabbing my laptop. "Any requests?"


Mitch and I finished our second episode of Stranger Things together before deciding on getting something to eat. It was now around 4:30. "Where should we go? I don't know where to find like a gluten free restaurant or anything like that." 

Mitch rolled his eyes. "I don't need a whole gluten-free restaurant, Scotty. Just somewhere with options." 

I groaned. "Mitchyyy, can we please just cook something? I was going to cook earlier anyway." 

"You were gonna cook?!" Mitch asked incredulously

I pouted. "Don't make fun of me." 

Mitch giggled. "I'm sorry, it's just- you told me you can't cook."

I shrugged. "I can't." 

"So... remind me again how this would be a good idea?" He sassed.

"Come on,  you're  going to help me."

I could tell when he finally gave in, letting out a sigh. "Okay, what are we gonna cook then?"

"I have no idea..."


"Mitchy..." I mocked, poking my tongue out. 

He is honestly so cute annoyed. He rolled his eyes again. 

"Why did you want to cook in the first place? Trying to burn the place down?"

I laughed. "You're so sassy! God, no one from school would ever think you're sassy. For your information, I attempted to cook lunch as a surprise for you today... but I kinda failed at making grilled cheese."

Mitch gasped and his face softened from his annoyed one. "Oh... that's really sweet." He blushed.

"You're cute."

"Stop! Why do you always do that." Mitch pouted, covering his red cheeks with his hands. 

"Do what?" I teased. 

"Do that!"

I giggled "I have no idea what you're talking about."


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