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Baekhyun 's pov.

I wake up slowly to see my husband was sleeping,,,

I need to run away with my children I won't let him take away my kids,,, I will die for sure

I went to my children' s room and all of them were sleeping

I was about to take hanuel when I heard Momy am so sorry you almost loose my unborn sibling

What are you crazy am not pregnant either,,,

Momy please take care of my siblings and I promise chanyeol won't take my siblings away from me

Hyuna stop it will you

I carried my daughter slowly when hyuna screamed

What is wrong with you girl

Momy I won't let you take my siblings away from us,, 

You are not going anywhere wify

I heard Shawn speaking

We will fight this together

No i

Keep quiet

He hugged me tight

Don't stress yourself wify, it could danger our unborn child

No tell me it's a lie

No it's the truth

Am pregnant again?

Yes wify

Don't tell me you don't want to carry my child after all I have done so you baek

It's not

Nothing don't even think of killing my child or else you will get it,, I did everything for you but you still love him don't you?

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