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Baek Hyun 's pov

Do he like me really

I followed him and he went to bedroom

Sir can we talk

Baek am tired just forget what I said okay and everything will be okay please,,

I put hyuna on bed since she was sleeping,,

I went and hugged him,,,

Sir let us talk

Baek please don't insist

What if I say I like you too

He wake up too fast,,

Do you mean it baek??

Yes I started to feel closer to you,,, when I saw a lipstick on your lips I was so jealous I don't know what is happening to me,,,

He smashed his lips on mine and we started kissing each other,,

Everything felt right,,

I love you baek so much

I love you Shawn

My name sounds good from your lips


Yes baek

Can we date and get to know each other well

Yes yes

This is it,, I will forget about chanyeol he never deserved my love,,,

Baek can I call you my bby or my love

Any name you prefer am okay with it

Let's go to the company my love,,

Love the name

I hope you won't hurt me Shawn,, am already broken

I will never hurt you and your children are my own children and soon I will marry you and we will be a complete family

I hugged him tight

I always dreamed of having a happy family Shawn

I will fulfill your dreams and I don't know what happened to you in the past my love but I know I will always make you smile and our three children

I never knew I will fall in love like this way my love

Me too Shawn

Do you want chanyeol to know where baek is? And his new love interest or?

I wanna write shawnbaek love

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