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Babysitter Lay | Sulay by Familyfanfiction
Babysitter Lay | Sulayby Familyfanfiction
{COMPLETED} Suho adopted 7 children and everything went well, till his partner ran away. He met Lay at Lay's work and Lay became the nanny of the 7 noisy boys. Can Lay b...
You need to come home (rewritten From Prev, Longer Version ) by cclay2020
You need to come home (rewritten ♥️ Cece ♥️
Complete*. Exo notice their leader hasn't been himself lately since the lost of one of their own, can they think of a way to make their leader smile again. *This story w...
EXO Academy: The Kinkas and The Newbies by kpopstories_trash
EXO Academy: The Kinkas and The K-PopMultifandom<3
The kinkas were rich, handsome, and at the top of the school. Girls and boys wanted to be with or be them. But, these kinkas aren't bullies; they are known for their kin...
EXO OTP Sulay || Layho : Love me Behind by Kpopisheartue
EXO OTP Sulay || Layho : Love me Parbs ♥
❝Face me 'cause I'm your friend, turn around and everything will change.❞ -Kim Junmyeon (Suho) ❝Your my friend, but it'll end.❞-Zhang Yixing (Lay) ➤Highest Ranking #14 i...
Honey by -bobohu
Honeyby 𝑆𝑒𝐾𝑎𝑖 𝑖𝑠 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑒 🖤.
يحتقر مُعظم الناس ولادتهم كـ أوميغا لأنهم يُعاملون مُعاملة سيئة ويُنظر اليهم نظرة أستخفافية. يعتقد جونميون أنه محظوظ لأنه ولد كـ أوميغا لأنه يُعامل كـ أمير من قِبل شريكه...
Remembering - Chanbaek  by Aeriya_Loey
Remembering - Chanbaek by Kiara
COMPLETED! We were so perfect together. But then you forgot me. But I won't give up. I will wait for you untill you remember me. - Baek Who are you? I don't know you...
Teen Mpreg  by gaysarising
Teen Mpreg by Gays are rising
Welcome backkkk y'all know who it isss Anyways y'all like my teen pregnancy book so I decided to make a collection here for you to request and stuff. Kpop oneshots as u...
The Entertainment World (Kaisoo) Complete by xiummchen
The Entertainment World (Kaisoo) xiummchen
What happens, When the owners of the two biggest rival entertainment companies in South Korea, Do Kyungsoo and Kim Jongin enter in a secret relationship?
The Vampires  by DreaNeedsReads
The Vampires by AndreaShaw
Just read, vote, and comment please and thank you
youtubers➳exo by PLUMPSOO
youtubers➳exoby serena 🦄
In which the exo members are famous youtubers who between collaborations and misunderstandings will slowly fall in love.
The Beauty And The Barista  by Twilightblythe88
The Beauty And The Barista by an Aeri
Byun Baekhyun was a great and ordinary student like everyone else. His mother had a great job and he worked part time. They were happy. But a beauty named park chanyeol...
CHANBAEK SMUT SERIES || 18+ by LimarioLoey_
🔞🚫SMUTS ⚠️ Containing CHANBAEK smuts. ⚠️ Request open for other ships.
Something Flutters by hunhantasy
Something Fluttersby hunhanchanbaek
Fluttering moments from an unlikely love story. "When did things change between us?" ...
Dancing King by LIFEtheRanger
Dancing Kingby LIFEtheRanger
Every weekend for years on end, Junmyeon has sneeked out of his house intent on doing one thing. Watching the underground street dancers in the abandoned subway tunnel n...
Take Me To You by fleurdedyo
Take Me To Youby ᴊ ᴏ ꜱ ʜ ᴜ ᴀ
Chanyeol is a rich and very famous person in their school. And he likes Baekhyun, but Baekhyun likes Kyungsoo. Kyungsoo is a quiet and smart person, he promised to himse...
Exo Ships by haechanmarkeu
Exo Shipsby tY tRaCk
*includes smut and fluff
My Cinderella || Chanbaek || by Neighbourhoodauthor
My Cinderella || Chanbaek ||by Friendly neighbourhood author
Baekhyun lives under the cruel world of his evil stepmother and stepsisters. With both parents dead Baekhyun has to try and survive this cruel world alone. Until the ca...
instagram//chanbaek by chanbaekisgay
instagram//chanbaekby chanbaekisgay
Chanyeol accidentally stumbled upon a porn video in the net, what shocked him was that the man in the video kept calling out his name. What's worse, was how he got hard...
Mine (A ChanBaek Fanfic) by ChocoBabyKai
Mine (A ChanBaek Fanfic)by Alex
"You're mine Baekhyun, you are mine, mine alone."-Chanyeol "Only yours Chanyeol, only yours, yours alone." - Baekhyun