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Baekhyun 's pov.

Shawn please don't do this to me,,,, the kids love you

I will talk to them

Chanyeol please go away from my life,

I run upstairs quickly,,,

No this can't be

I looked at the balcony to see chanyeol leaving but he was so broken,,,

Why do I still have feelings for you chanyeol you are bad lucky to me I swear

I hate you park chanyeol,, I hate you

I went to bed and slept when I heard my children talking

Momy are you okay

Am fine kids

Momy we love you so much

I know too

Momy I don't want to go to boarding school dad told me

Hyuna you are not going I will talk to your dad

Please mom tell dad I don't want to go away from here

Relax bby

We were taking supper when Shawn came with that celebrity Selena gomez

Kids meet Selena and baek it's time we tell the children what is happening

No Shawn I love you so much please don't break up our relationship and family

Am so sorry but I have decided I will marry Selena she is broken and don't worry I will not take hyuna away from you,,, chanyeol will be there for you and the children

I went and slapped him

What about our unborn child

You can abort it if you want now take this money

You are mad Shawn am your wife you can't do this to me

Baek I love Shawn and you should fuck off

Shawn please don't break our family,, hanuel loves you

Let her love his dad not me,,,

Shawn 's pov.

Am so sorry baek,, and the kids I thought to myself,,

I have to do this to reunite baek with chanyeol.

I was about to go away when baek fall down

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