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Chanyeol 's pov.

It has been two days since baek was discharged from the hospital,,,, we went to the new apartment I bought with the kids,,

I felt weak to see baek In pain,,,

Chanyeol I want to sleep

You sleep I will prepare food for the kids

Are you serious

Yes I will do that

I went to kitchen to see my daughter hanuel coming to kitchen

Dad chanyeol are you there

How did you know

Your perfume can you hug me please

Sure bby come on I will take you to your room

Dad when am I going to see

Tomorrow I will take you to hospital

Really dady

Yes bby

I love you dad please don't go away from us,,, I don't want my mom to be unhappy at all

I won't I promise

Dad hug us too,,, jesper, hyuna, shania and hanyeol you are big I will hug my little princess

I joked with them and they all run hugged me till we fall down

Kids please let me prepare food

No dad let's go out we mean mom loves going out

I have an idea

Which dad

Tomorrow is your mom's birthday how about we plan and go tomorrow

Perfect dad

Shawn 's pov.

I was relaxing when I saw Selena falling down,,,

Selena are you okay

I can't live without Justin,,, he is married now to Hailey

Don't cry,,,

I wonder how baek is

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