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Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing  by bcdwolf
Fanboy ! [bbh.pcy] | Repairing by 𝐋𝐢𝐧
[COMPLETED] The nerdy Byun Baekhyun has a huge crush on the famous actor and singer Park Chanyeol but unfortunately he would never notice him.. or would he? Cover inspo:...
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youtubers➳exo by PLUMPSOO
youtubers➳exoby serena 🦄
In which the exo members are famous youtubers who between collaborations and misunderstandings will slowly fall in love.
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Game Over | EXOby zara
the thrilling story of four teenagers who mistakenly get trapped in a deadly, alternate gaming universe and strive to defeat all of the levels to rightfully get out aliv...
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Wolf Power (EXO BoyxBoy) by DoNotAsk
Wolf Power (EXO BoyxBoy)by EXO_BTS
The EXO Planet is in danger, the six alphas need to find their mate. Will they succeed or not? Find out. [COMPLETED] Will be edited. :) 12/30/14 - 07/27/16
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The Abandoned Wolf by TheFourLittleDevils
The Abandoned Wolfby TheFourLittleDevils
Since young, never was Kyungsoo treated properly. He was often bullied and laughed at because Kyungsoo is weak. His parents taught him how to fight and defend himself bu...
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My Boyfriend is Bodyguard  by Twetar-9493
My Boyfriend is Bodyguard by TwE TaR_
မင္​းကုိ အဆုံးထိ.... ကာကြယ္​​ေစာက္​​ေ႐ွာက္​မွာ....
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νѧňıʟʟѧ { ҡѧısoo } by korea_boo__
νѧňıʟʟѧ { ҡѧısoo }by 코리아부
ㄣkyungsoo like everything vanilla, expect sex.ㄣ - - - ©2019 | All Rights Reserved | korea_boo__
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Little Adventure ⊙ KaiSoo ⊙ by softestyeollie
Little Adventure ⊙ KaiSoo ⊙by Softestyeollie
Baby Kyungsoo hates when his daddy leaves him with other littles or alone to go to work. What kind of trouble will Kyungsoo get in while Jongin is away? Find out in litt...
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Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxBoy][CURRENTLY EDITING] by Sungwriter
Bride To A Pervert [Kaisoo] [BoyxB...by ☆
DISCLAIMER: (9 DEC 2019) This whole book was written years ago and there are many many many mistakes in my writing. I am currently editing from chapters to chapters. Sor...
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EXO MATES by gukkktae
EXO MATESby bodota112
contains Boy x Boy ships The 6 wolf kingdoms that has a large university at the center of ExoPlanet And the 2 groups of unmated wolves How will faith bring them together...
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The Rhythm of Your Heartbeat by Choijimming614
The Rhythm of Your Heartbeatby Choi Jim Ming
Your brain and lips may lie. But your heart never does. Especially, the rhythm of your heartbeat that come out of your heart. Park Chanyeol It is true that my heart cann...
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The Switch by mysehuniverse
The Switchby .bea.
What if the members of Exo suddenly switched bodies all because of an obnoxious wish made by the Beagle line? cover by: DoKKKai
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EXO Chatroom by l00-05-18l
EXO Chatroomby Just me
Ever since I started all these chatrooms all of you have been begging me for an EXO chatroom. Now you have it, an EXO chatroom! I'll try my best to make this one good to...
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𝘁𝗲𝘅𝘁 𝗺𝗲. ⤺ ˣⁱᵘᶜʰᵉⁿ by MlNGYUZS
𝘁𝗲𝘅𝘁 𝗺𝗲. ⤺ ˣⁱᵘᶜʰᵉⁿby うそー!!
✎ minseok and jongdae ft. the rest of exo, the homosexual supporting cast. [completed!]
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Official Couple by monophana24
Official Coupleby Classically Lovers
Suho di pasangkan dengan Sehun untuk kebutuhan Fan Service. Namun, si maknae jahil nan misterius itu menginginkan hubungan lebih dari sekedar Hyung dan Dongsaeng. Suho t...
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Good Graces (Kaisoo) - Traducción by SehunTime
Good Graces (Kaisoo) - Traducciónby sehuntime
En un mundo donde aquellos que tienen dos colores diferentes de ojos son agraciados con un don especial, Kyungsoo tiene como don la habilidad de matar con sus propias ma...
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[EXO] primary school by oxelades
[EXO] primary schoolby SMY DİCEKSİN
1 A EXO Baekhyun Kai, Xiumin, Lay, Suho, Sehun, D.o, Kris, Tao, Luhan, Chanyeol ve Chen kişisini ekledi Chanyeol Sen benim annemin numarasını nerden buldun? Baekhyun 1A...
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Instagram - EXO  by exo12littleboys
Instagram - EXO by EXOisForever12
EXO fan fiction based on Instagram concept ❤ Enjoy 😘💞
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insanity // chanbaek & kaisoo by gtxuuu
insanity // chanbaek & kaisooby •̀ㅅ•́ 🌻
in which a doctor who was tired of living met a patient who gave him a second chance at love. "Who's the real patient here, Doctor Byun?"
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SEHUN-AH ; bbh+osh [editing] by heeiijn
SEHUN-AH ; bbh+osh [editing]by ✩
sehun can't seem to get the dance right, baekhyun is scared of the dark and chanyeol is a closeted asexual that doesn't even know it yet. ♡ "hey sehunah?" &quo...
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