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Baek Hyun 's pov.

Mom and dad I better get going

Take care of yourself child and call us when you are free

I know mom don't worry am a grown up not a kid

But you are our kid still

Oooh mom and dad don't exerggerate

Mom and dad I love you too so much,, I will work so hard

I left to the airport with luhan and sehun

Please don't forget me sehun

I won't bby

Iuhan please take care of my boyfriend

Sure I will

The plane left and I was crying

I will miss my sehun so much

Luhan 's pov.

Am going too

Where do you think you are going sexy

Sehun let go of my hand

Oooh bby don't play hard to get,,

He pulled me and made me sit inside the car and he started driving

Bby I promise we will have fun

How dare you say that you are dating my friend

Do I care he is not here anymore bby,,,

I hate you park sehun

Wait how did you know my dad's name

I know you have a brother and a sister but why didn't you told baek

We arrived at his house and he carried me inside

Bby me and I will have fun

He removed my clothes and his too

He made me sat on his huge dick

What are you doing sehun

Bby let me insert my dick inside you I promise I won't be laugh

His naughty talking were turning me on

I gave in and we started kissing each other when he pushed his dick inside me

I love you sehun fuck me hard

Do you like it bby

Fuck yes I want you to fuck me every day like this

Yes bby your wish will come true

Fuck me deeper please

Yes bby your wish is my command

Oooh god is this how baek enjoyed your dick

No bby we never did sex

Oooh god sehun hit that gspot over and over again please

Yes bby

Am going to cumm sehun

Me too bby

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