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Shania 's pov

So that stupid hyuna must be my sister,,,

I know baek has not told her the truth now I will hurt her so much that she will hate baek for me,,,

No one messes with my brother too

I was in class when she came to class and sit down

You are too proud with your mom right sister???

Hey bitch don't you dare call me sister,,, I am not blood related to you fool

Oooh I guess you don't know the truth,,,, I must say baek is super actress right

Don't you dare Insult my mother you bitch

You are my sister your mother was married to my dad till he divorced dad because your mom is a damn slut

She slapped me hard on the face

I will never allow you to insult my sweet mom,,, and if I was indeed your sister I could never dream to come to your house and I won't let your dad separate my parents got that in your head

How dare you slap me

I can fight with anyone if that thing is about my parent's or my siblings

Hyuna 's pov

What if she said is true I will ask my mom I know mom will never lie

After school we arrived new apartment dad bought and mom was sleeping on the sofa

Momy are you okay

Dear your mom is not feeling well

I waited till mom waked up

Mom is it true dad Shawn is not my real dad

No who told you that

Shania told me that you were married to his dad

No bby you my child with your dad

Mom please tell me the truth I don't want more lies,,, dad what is the truth???

Hyuna dear I love you so much please don't hate me I need to talk to you and your children,,, you all deserve the truth


After my siblings came

Mom tell us

Hyuna you know I love you so much

Yes Momy I know

I didn't give birth to you,,, but you are my daughter

Stop joking mom,,

Your mom died giving birth to you and yes I was married to shania 's dad but shania and jesper never wanted me so I divorced their dad and came to USA pregnant where I was pregnant with your siblings and by then you were so young that is why I loved you as my child and I find myself loving your dad and we got married

But if you see me too that I will steal your dad I will leave

Mom you are my real mother please stop crying now look how you love me, it's their loss they are jealous of us having a super mom like you

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