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Baek Hyun 's pov.

It has been one week and I feel pain but I will have to stay for a while and sir chanyeol never treat me like sht but he doesn't even talk to me only greetings

I was cleaning the house when I saw luhan throwing dust where I had mobbed

Hey use your brain can't you see am mobbing

Go and get me water,,

I will never serve you

Okay then I will tell my husband you don't obey me

Go ahead what are you waiting darling

He left angry and I smiled at myself

No one will bully me as long as am in this house,,

I finished cleaning to see sir chanyeol coming and he told me to follow him to his room

I think this is the perfect time to tell him about sehun and shania

I went inside and he closed the door and attacked my lips

I missed you so much baek

But sir

I want to touch you so badly bby please don't say anything,,,,

I gave in and we made love

After we finished I left immediately,,, Oooh my God what am I doing,, I shouldn't sleep with sir chanyeol,,

I swear I won't keep quiet anymore I will ask him what we are,,,

The following day sir left earlier,,, I took his children to school and went to office directly

What are you doing here baek

What are we??

What do you mean

What are we,,,, I should know

You are my maid and am your boss and nothing else

Why did you fucked me then

I just felt like fucking you nothing else

I felt my blood boiling I moved closer and slapped him,,,

I know you feel something for me but you don't want to accept that

Shut up you are just a maid

Are you scared admitting you have started falling in love with me or you love your dead wife

Just shut up don't dare talk about my wife

What does it hurt?? Well love her and am warning you stay away from me I won't allow you to use my body or else I will resign

Well good day sir chanyeol

How dare you

You have no right to dare me sir chanyeol,, good day

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