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Hyuna 's pov

I heard a bad feeling

I went to check on my siblings and find hanuel was no where to be found

I immediately called Momy

I informed the principal but he didn't do anything,,,

Just let the blind kid be

Hey sir mind your language just look at your self,,, you are big with no brain and if something bad happens to my sister I will definitely sue you and you don't want to mess with my dad or else your job will end

Are you threatening me

Yes I am and right now am going to sue you

Wait I will look for your sister I don't want to loose my job please

You better

I went home quick and we were looking for my sister

Baby I know you are scared but I will save you I promise I won't let anyone hurt you I thought to myself

Dad mom you two go on I have somewhere to go


No but trust me

I went to school and saw jesper telling shania now let dad torture the blind kid

So it's them,,, I knew it,,,

I went from behind and hit them on the head and told my friends to help me with them

We took them to my house and I tied them up

We waited until they regained consciousness

Where are we

At my house


If you don't want to see me mad tell me your address where your crazy dad took my sister

I pulled the sticker when she said

Gate 48

Let us go now

Not yet till I come with my sister

Hey guys look after them am going alone

I arrived there and I heard my sister crying for help

I looked inside to see him drinking alcohol

Oooh god please give me strength I have to save my little sister from this crazy man

I went slowly with soil and throw it on his face and hit him on the head

I quickly untied my sister and left immediately

We arrived home and my sister was still crying,,

You two better tell your dad that if he tries to hurt my family I will kill him I swear

I untied them and they run away scared

I called my parents and they came immediately

My mom came and hugged me tight

Bby am so proud of you,,,

Momy I promised to take care of our family

You are my sunshine bby

Mom it's chanyeol who kidnapped my sister

Am going to kill him

Relax Momy

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