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Chanyeol 's pov

I wish I met that angel who saved my kids,,

I went to my kids where they were

Dad who saved us?

I don't know who donated blood but the person must be an angel

Yes daddy,,,

How are you two feeling now

Fine dad can we go home now

Let us wait for the doctor,,,

Dad what if it was baek who saved us,,

He can't save you two he does not have a heart for humanity he only thinks of himself now I don't want to hear anyone mentioning that name ever again

Okay dad

You two are so free to be descharged

Really doctor?


I went to sign the forms when I saw baek coming from the other side

Wtf are you doing here did you come to hurt my children again,,,

I don't care about those brat kids of yours chanyeol am here for my pregnancy

You wanted to hear my children are dead but guess what they are still breathing and they are going home

I really don't care just move and next time we meet don't you dare talk to me,,, am not interested your stupidity and  he left

I knew he would never save my children he is so selfish even if he had group O

Baek Hyun 's pov

I can't believe he can think that I don't have a heart,,

I went to suho' s house when I saw my phone had a missed call from USA

I called and no one picked up when the person called me

Are you byun baekhyun

Yes speaking

You are qualified to work at my house

I can't sir am pregnant with twins and am going to deliver anytime

That is not a problem I will send you the ticket tomorrow you will come to USA

Thank you sir


Wait sir do you have children

I have a daughter who is so small my wife died giving birth to her please come

Okay sir I will come

What name will we name  baek 's daughter



Any idea?

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