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Baek Hyun 's pov.

Lay I have to go to America

I will miss you so much baek

Me too

Aunt you are leaving again

Yes kids I have to go

Come back soon with my cousins

Yes I will come

Suho thank you for everything you did and your wife

Nothing baek you are our best friend

Please don't speak or else I will cry now

They took me to the airport and Mr Shawne Mendez called me to tell me that he is waiting for me in the airport

Bye guys

Bye baek

Aunt come soon

I will kids

After some hours I arrived usa and someone came and hugged me

You must be baek

Yes you are Shawn?


You look young I thought you were old

Hahaha come on let's go we will chat home

I arrived and the house was so  big

And I saw many employees

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