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Baek Hyun 's pov.

I was about to leave the hospital when I remembered I didn't see jesper

I went to the room he was alone

I hugged him so tight

Please get well soon baby I want you to be the best champion

I was about to leave when he pulled my hand

Momy please don't go and leave me alone

Jesper am not your mom I better go now

No please Momy don't leave me alone I will do something bad to myself

Sssh don't ever say like that again please

Please stay dont go

I will be with you only when you get well then I will leave

Baek am so sorry I lied,,, I have realized you are like a Momy me and my brother miss

Please forgive me and thank you for saving my little brother,,,

Don't worry it's okay anyway I did that so that I can get paid

You are lying to us we know you care for us,,

Kids don't let him fool you two he wants to take your dad away from you two and I heard that he is a barren

Aunt luhan stop lying just leave

Luhan I hate that you turned this way because of your jealous,,, I have heard enough of you luhan,,, I hope karma doesn't hit you and by the way you are not the first one to get pregnant and who told you am barren you are crazy despite you getting married to sehun he will never love you and you know why because he loves me and his biggest mistake is I will never love him back,,,

What is happening Momy

Did you witch jesper too

Jesper relax it's nothing

I am going to kill you baek

He came to slap me when blood started flowing down his legs

My child help me

I quickly run and called the doctor

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