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Baek Hyun 's pov.

I felt jealous maybe sir is dating and why can't he marry then,,

Sir I will sleep on my room

Why what happened to you

Nothing I just don't want people to think i am

He came closer to me and hugged me

Please forgive me if I hurted you without knowing,,, please my daughter needs you baek please tell me what I did wrong,,,

Sir nothing

No tell me why you are crying what did I do to hurt you

Why can't you marry your girlfriend and take care of hyuna sir

I don't have a girlfriend baek

But your lips is red sir

Stop lying its fine for you to date

No there is this girl working on my company and she is crazy she always kiss me but I don't like it I always tell her to stop but she doesn't am going to fire her,,, please don't think am dating baek

You should love her then

Why you can't you are single and your daughter needs a mother to care for her

I can't because I like someone else

Then marry that person you like

No am scare if I confess that person will run away from me

Who is the person sir I can convince the person

Am standing in front of him and he walked away


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